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This program is aimed at full-stack developers and software engineers, that are passionate about coding and new technologies and would benefit from adding design-related knowledge to their C.V., (such as, UX/UI, Visual design, design thinking), in short, people who want to develop a global vision of the design process.

This year long program allows you the opportunity to learn the required skills to develop a personal project while also gaining real word work experience working with our clients in the Digital Design Lab.

We have created a course that fills the gap between traditional training and the increasingly complicated and ever-changing digital layer.
The course lasts one academic year or 10 months and is divided into two parts that run simultaneously:

  1. My Cloud My Castle Program 80% of the program is dedicated to the development of  your personal project and acquiring the necessary design-related knowledge. The remaining 20% is spent in workshops, lectures, and training.
  2. Design Internship This internship runs in tandem with the above program and consists of work experience in the Digital Design Lab department developing real projects 80% of the time as well as acquiring the necessary knowledge to carry them out through another 20% of cross-discipline training in Design.
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Digital Design Program

My Cloud My Castle, digital design program

There is an urgent need to rethink what we understand by home in the digital era. When leisure and work are virtual, as are money, love, and relationships, when all our data are online and companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon aim to extract all the information possible from said data in order to predict our behaviour and what we are going to need, it is essential for us to rethink and visualize our digital home in order to be truly aware of what happens online.

The pillars of the digital home will be:


Personal profiles, avatars, personal images…


Gaming, Shopping, VR, AR…


Security, personal data, passwords, firewalls...


Human-human, human-machine, machine-machine…

Candidates must submit a proposal for an innovative, challenging and experimental, personal project stemming from the idea of “the pillars of the digital home”.

The app that orchestrates the students personal projects with these areas and makes them coherent, forms the basis for this course.


Design thinking and Project-Based Learning are the pillars of this program, which has been created in order to help talented young people freely develop their design skills.

The program’s goal is to help students develop their own personal projects that are based on the course areas. Coupled with this, students will gain real world work experience, working with our clients in the Digital Design Lab. 

At the end of the academic year an exhibition of all of the students’ projects will be held in order to showcase their work.                 

You will have first-rate professional offering a process methodology based on:

  • Design training
  • Feedback with mentors from the world of design, art and thought
  • Lectures
  • Workshops

You will have advisers that are specialised in each one of the project areas and who will help you to carry out your ideas at each step.

Furthermore, you will have the monitoring of tutors who will accompany you in your process of experimentation and training throughout the course.

You will be in contact with professionals, companies and students from other laboratories, with whom you can draw up a network of contacts.

The program takes place in an environment of creative excellence, IED Innovation Lab, associated with new technologies where it is possible to prototype, learn and experiment in the different laboratories:

Fab Lab

Using prototyping as a tool for making ideas tangible.

Media Lab

Using visual design as a tool for framing, expressing and presenting ideas.

VR Lab

A new world of opportunities is open with VR, AR and MR.

City Lab

Using service design as a tool for exploring urban transformation.

Green Lab

Using sustainable design as
 a tool to enhance environments.

Digital Design Lab

Designing and developing products and services for the IED Network.

You will be in contact with our community:

  • Designers
  • Cultural agents
  • Creatives
  • Students
  • Professionals and companies.

Why sign up for this program?

To gain professional skills that will enhance your employment prospects through, building and testing a personal project testing your project under the guidance of highly experienced mentors.

What are you going to learn:

  • Creative techniques, Innovation methodologies & design thinking
  • UX/UI, Visual & Interaction design
  • Big data and data visualization
  • Design and develop digital products (webs and apps)
  • Global vision of the design process
  • How to communicate and sell your projects and products

Masterclasses, lectures, and 5 workshops pertaining to:

  • Design Thinking & Innovation Methodology
  • Motion & Interaction: UX/UI & Visual Design
  • Explore the future of web: AR, VR, Progressive Apps...
  • Blockchain Essentials
  • Big Data & Data Visualization
  • App Design iOS & Android
  • Project Communication

Program Objectives

Train new professionals capable of leading change:

  • Develop critical thinking.
  • Learn to work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Adapt to the changes and needs of new times.
  • Provide the tools for tackling any type of project.
  • Develop methodologies and innovative strategies for problem solving.
  • Express your personality in creative and innovative projects.
  • Learn to work in a professional environment, with real projects and clients.
  • Research, build and test project prototypes.

Program Leader & Course Direction


Javier Maseda

Director and Tutor

Sandra Rueda

Visual Design Tutor

Fang Chen

Strategy, Brand & Service


Design Internship @ Digital Design Lab

The second part of the MCMC Program is the Design Internship in the Digital Design Lab, where you will work on real projects with real clients. The projects revolve around Internet, web, mobile and new technologies.

In the Digital Design Lab, we research new web technologies and we develop digital, web and mobile design projects using methodologies such as Design Thinking, Atomic Design and Agile Project Management.

Hands-on experience of the digital project life-cycle, from ideation and research to evaluation and termination:

  • Project
    • Research
  • Development
    • Idea generation
    • Usability
    • Blueprint
    • Business Design
    • Lean Start-up
    • Co-creation
    • Digital platform
  • Implementation
    • Prototyping
    • Storytelling
    • Agile Management
    • Testing
  • Communication
    • Project presentation
    • Information Design
    • Digital Portfolio

We are looking for people who are interested in developing their design and technological skills, working on real projects, with real clients. In a collaborative working environment that mirrors the modern workplace, you’ll be surrounded by industry experts and the Staff of the Digital Design Lab, Product Managers, Designers, Programmers, UX/UI Experts...

The four-hour daily program runs simultaneously with the MCMC Program, the difference is that here you will work with real clients and projects developed in close contact with companies and professionals. Through workshops and classes, we will provide you with the necessary skills to finish the project. When you complete your one-year internship, you will have worked on multiple real projects that you can add to your portfolio. You will have acquired skills, such as: UX/UI, programming, digital innovation, content creation and communication from the beginning of the project up to the start-up, which will qualify you to enter the job market.

Ongoing projects:

  • Design Network Map
  • Develop the Design Platform of the future


Internship program objectives:

  • Design and develop digital products and services.
  • Learn to work in multidisciplinary teams, in a real environment, with real projects and clients.
  • Understand the entire project creation process from start to finish.
  • Idea generation, design, development, publication and communication of the products.
  • Learn new skills, such as: programming, UX/UI, project management, digital innovation, digital strategy, content creation, digital communication.
  • Train participants by developing real projects in order to help them join any company in the technology or creative sector.

Who is it aimed at?

Are you a talented Full Stack Developer or Web Designer? Passionate about code, design, and new technologies? Do you want to learn, work & travel in Europe for 1 year?

We are searching for people in the computer engineering world who are interested in adding design-related knowledge: design thinking, service design, interaction design… to their curricula.

Graduate and postgraduate students with these eligible profiles:

  • FullStack Developers
  • Web Developers (BackEnd and FrontEnd)
  • UX/UI Designers, Service & Interaction Designers
  • AR/VR Specialist
  • Big Data Engineer & Data Visualizer Designer
  • Audio visual Communication and Digital Media

Apply for a Scholarship

We are giving 6 full scholarships to study the program in Madrid. The only way to get into the program it’s applying for a scholarship. You have to send us:

  1. CV & LinkedIn profile
  2. Motivational letter talking about your personal project
  3. Portfolio pdf or website url with your portfolio

If you’re selected you have to attend a personal interview.

What are we offering?

  • 6 full Scholarships with 100% coverage of the cost of the project.
  • Free accommodation in a shared flat during the time the internship lasts
  • Non-labour practice visa for Spain, that allows you to travel throughout Europe.
  • Healthcare coverage during the whole period the internship lasts.
  • Spanish classes
  • Working in the Digital Design Lab with professionals and companies.
  • Completing your portfolio by developing a real project.
  • Possibility of opting to join the staff of the companies participating, or the IED itself.



About IED & Digital Design Lab

IED is a world-leading educator in the fields of design, visual communication and fashion. For more than 50 years, we have been developing and providing learning experiences with our unique methodology. Along with our Schools in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona we have schools in Italy, Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice… and Brazil, São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.

IED Innovation Lab is a design playground for transformation projects. We provide a new type of design experience and a set of tools for students, companies, neighbours, public institutions, to come together and create their own projects of transformation: small, big, personal, social, local, global. We imagine, question, research, explore, experiment, educate and prototype. We’re here to transform design as a discipline.

Digital Design Lab using design and the new digital technologies to create products. The students work on real projects, they’re faced with real clients, a brief and a deadline. We work very closely with the industry, therefore we have a broad network of experts, companies and industry leaders who coach our students.

We design our learning experiences with companies like Ikea, Telefonica, Google, Fjord, Designit, etc. to respond directly to the current needs of modern companies.

By using our methodology that focuses on Design Thinking and Project-Based Learning, we give our students a set of tools that allows them to tackle any type of project as well as the difficulties of an ever-changing world.

Admission Process

Closing Date for applications: May 30th, 2018

Program Commences: October 2018

The only way to get into the program it's applying for a scholarship. You have to send us:

  1. CV
  2. Motivational letter talking about your personal project
  3. Portfolio pdf or website url with your portfolio

If you're selected you have to attend a personal interview.

More info: digitaldesignlab@ied.es

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