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  • Official Undergraduate Degree in Design - 4 years

    Train as a fashion designer, graphic designer, product designer or interior designer. Build a solid portfolio and become a full and multidisciplinary designer. Learn in a real and creative context alongside professionals and companies where design is an engine for change and a business model. Our training programmes are valid and recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area, which allows for international mobility, access to postgraduate courses and official examinations, grants and scholarships from the Education Ministry.

  • Certificate of Higher Education - 2 years

    Learn a trade in two years in the best creative and international environment. We offer highly professional and personalised training to help you create a full portfolio and make contacts, take part in real projects with companies and access university education. Certificate of Higher Education are recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area, and are becoming the new sought-after professions.

  • One Year Course - 1 year

    Experience with emerging disciplines and professions in fashion, visual communication, product design, interior and exterior spaces design along with a faculty made up of companies and professionals. The training includes workshops, master classes, lectures, visits and the production of a final project tutored by designers and firms from the sector. Practical courses which are easy to fit into your life and will launch your professional career.

  • Master - 11 months

    High level training programmes in design and communication that contemplate direct contact with important companies and institutions in the sector. Specialisations aimed toward design, applied to fashion, innovation, communication and marketing, photography and lighting with creative concepts in each study programme. Discover the professional opportunities on offer and learn about the faculty of the IED Madrid school.

  • Postgraduate - 6 months

    Specialisation courses that enable students to round off their training in the different fields of design, fashion and communication.

  • Summer Junior Courses - 2 weeks

    Design, fashion and visual communication courses aimed specifically at youths aged between 14 and 18.