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05 Fab Lab IED Madrid

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  • Number 01 - 22 de October de 2021
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Welcome to the Fab Lab of the IED Madrid! A space designed for students that fulfils their needs as designers; providing access to modern invention resources with which to create within a global and collaborative network.




1 What is the Fab Lab of the IED Madrid?

This Fab Lab (on Avenida Pedro Díez, 3) is a real, small-scale production space offering digital and cutting-edge techniques applied to design, and including a coworking space.

The Fab Lab IED Madrid will be part of the official Fab Labs network promoted by the Fab Foundation and MIT, and as such offers the equipment required by the network, necessary to tackle almost any project using the various fabrication methods (addition, subtraction and abrasion).

2 What can you do?

This space is very focused on the students of the IED Madrid. You may use its equipment to carry out practical work as part of your MA, Intensive MA or Postgraduate Course, but also to work on your personal projects!

Courses such as the Masters of Design and Innovation, Furniture Design and Jewellery Design have already begun to develop prototypes using all the cutting-edge equipment available at the Fab Lab, achieving incredible results.


What is available to you?

Large-format CNC TecCam 1000 milling machine

This machine cuts, mills and engraves materials on a large scale. It is mainly used to cut material, or to engrave or mill it. It allows users to make pieces with great precision, to one tenth of a millimetre, and also creates casts. It can be used mainly with wood, machinable plastic, foam and some metals. Work area 2440x1500x60mm.

Speedy 100 by Trotec laser cutter

Laser cutter and engraver using a radiofrequency tube. This tube makes it possible to emit high-frequency laser, creating surface engraving projects quickly and with photographic quality (similar to a very precise heat engraving). It can cut materials up to 10mm thick, but works best with materials up to 6mm thick. Work area 610×305 mm.

Roland CAMM-1 GS24 vinyl cutter

Cutter for plastic materials in a continuous roll and low grammage. Vinyl, epoxy materials and epoxy bilayers, as well as copper sheeting. It allows the user to produce adhesives, transfers and flexible circuits. Work area 2500x700x0.5 mm.

Roland MonoFab Desktop milling machine

Like the one above, a bit slower but with more precision and greater repeatability, to work on a small format. It can be used with wood, plastic and foam. It is mainly used to create machinable wax, work on printed circuit sheets and for any precision project requiring indexing, such as two-sided carving. Work area 200x150x60mm.


Form1+ resin 3D printer

Similar to the one above, but with greater precision. It can reach 25 microns and the minimum object size can be 300 microns. The resins used do not have such good mechanical properties as PLA, but do offer other features: they can be dissolved in casting processes and can be used for lost-positive metal casting. For any complex geometry projects, which require a great attention to detail. Work area 125x125x165mm.


FDM Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

To produce small-scale three-dimension objects, which are impossible to produce easily using subtractive techniques. It works by melting plastic filament (PLA) and generating the final object layer by layer, each of which can be as thin as 100 microns. It is used to produce masters for casting and complex pieces. The pieces offer moderate mechanical resistance, similar to ABS. Work table 223x223x205mm.


Avenida Pedro Díez, 3.
28019 Madrid.