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  • Number 01 - 22 de October de 2021
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Welcome to the IED Madrid, a Higher Design Centre. As a pioneering school in design training, we provide the necessary knowledge to create products or design and decorate spaces; fashion, where we encourage the identification of new ideas, materials and applications in this area; and visual communication, where we train specialists in strategic design who are able to create new forms of communication through languages ​​such as illustration, photography, video, the web and related disciplines in physical and digital environments.

The multicultural factor, international vision, development of workshops, conferences and meetings with leading industry benchmarks as an inherent part of our academic training, the experience and approachability of our faculty of working professionals and the collaboration with companies make the IED a true educational experience, which leaves its mark on each of the people who goes through its classrooms.

Show your talent and creativity. Train with us!


1 Student Guide

Nombre de la publicación - Número 1 - Título de este número de la publcación - 15 Septiembre 2012


2 IED Guides Number 01

  • Name of publication: IED Guides
  • Title: Student Guide
  • Number: 01
  • Date of publication : 22 de October de 2021