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Madrid is a city with infinite cultural and leisure offer. It has options for all tastes. It is international and multicultural without losing its essence of a Spanish city. You will find all the information you need to make your move to Madrid below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Student Center (hospitality@madrid.ied.es)

1 Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a program that was designed so that students from higher years can help new students adapt better to the university.

If you'd like to help other students, you will be able to:

> Establish a supportive relationship with the other classmates and help to resolve doubts related to his/her academic department or classes.
> Orient your classmates in topics related to class: habits, study techniques, projects, group presentations, etc…
> Encourage your classmates to participate in different activities of IED Madrid.

Sign up for the program is completely voluntary and therefore it will not be evaluated, but it will appear on your academic curriculum and be taken into consideration by the Schools and Director of IED Madrid. At the end of each year, you will receive an official diploma that accredits your collaboration as a student of the Mentoring Program.

If you would like to form part of the program, you can write l.baldi@madrid.ied.es and we will provide you with more information.

2 Guidance Counselling

¿What is Guidance Counselling?
Guidance Counselling is used to help students during their degree at IED, so they can develop their cognitive, emotional and social skills.

Principle Objective
Provide help for students affected by learning disabilities or any difficulties that could impede the students educational progress.

How can this service help students?

  • Orient and help the student with their learning process.
  • Attend to learning difficulties of the students.
  • Help students who could have academic problems due to: Asperger Syndrome, A.D.D cognitive discapacity, sensory (Visual or Auditory) and/or physical disability, Dyslexia, or any other issues.
  • Offer counselling to improve academic performance: Work on study techniques, memory and motivation; concentration techniques and attention to detail.
  • Develop Social Habits that favor creating relationships with peers.
  • Attend to socio-cultural diversity (adaptation to the classroom, educate on values such as tolerance, respect, interculturality ...)
  • Help resolve conflicts: prevent bullying and favor good environment within the classrooms.
  • Establish guidelines for personal management: decision making, self-motivation and self-control during the course including techniques for managing and controlling anxiety before work deliveries, exams and / or final presentations.

And other issues that directly influence the education of the student.

To offer a better service to the student, improving their experience within IED and promoting an inclusive education where the diversity of the students is valued since it brings great enrichment to learning.

Student Service
Contact: Carmen (c.gil@madrid.ied.es)
One on one sessions (by appointment through email)
IED Sede Larra (C/Larra, nº 14)

3 Career Services

For Students

The objective of Career Services is to orient students with their insertion into the job market. Students from Undergraduate Design programs, Formative Cycles, Diplomas IED, Masters, Blended Masters, Postgraduate and graduated students may use the service.
This way we help the companies in the profile selection of our talented professionals in the fields of design, communication and marketing. The department offers one on one sessions, organizes events with companies, workshops and information about how to use digital tools to improve your job search.

We also organize workshops with an external lawyer in order to provide specific information for foreign students.

Job Platform: Access for IED students


For Companies

Career Services helps companies find the right professional among the current and ex-students of IED Madrid with the objective of covering their open internship or job positions.

The student can be hired through an internship contract through the school or directly a job contract. The company decides on the candidate and IED provides the chosen student with an internship agreement to sign before beginning to work.

Job Platform: Access for Companies


Career Services
Contact: Chiara Giacco
Tel. (+34) 91 448 04 44

*Due to their short duration, the Weekend and Summer programs do not include the Career services.

4 IED Discounts

STUDENT CARD ISIC - Discover all the advantages offered by the international student card, recognized in 135 countries. Check out the ISIC website to find out all the details: isic.es

APPLE - The IED Madrid is an Authorized Apple Training Center and as a student you have the right to a 10% discount on its products: apple.com/es

There are services, bookstores and specialized stores in Madrid that offer exclusive discounts for IED Madrid students. It is essential to show your
student card to benefit from these discounts.

MOLESKINE - 15% discount on all catalogue products (excluding Smart Pen) + free customization of notebooks and agendas.

  • Promotion is valid in moleskíne.com when you register with your IED email account (name.surname@ied.edu). The promotion will be applied directly to your cart. The promotion is also valid in stores in Italy (there are no stores in Spain).



Panta Rhei - 5% discount on cash payments. Calle de Hernán Cortés, 7 / Telf. 913 198 902





Taller de Encuadernación La Eriza - 10% Discount on the final budget for each project. Calle Colón, 15, bajo izquierda. Email: laeriza@gmail.com. Telf. 915 214 061

Tejidos RIBES & CASALS - This establishment offers a card with a Special discount for students of IED Madrid, to be presented along with their IED student card. Calle Atocha, 26. Telf. 913 694 500

Ceplasa, plásticos - 10% discount. Calle del Cardenal Cisneros, 45. Telf. 914 476 851

JER, Bellas Artes - 10% discount. Calle Hortaleza, 72. Telf. 915 321 765

La Riva - Special Paper: 10% discount. Plaza de San Ildefonso, 4-5. Telf. 915 224 101

The Graphics (Printing and Binding Workshop) - 10% discount. Edificio Alma Calle San Bernardo, 23 - planta 5. Telf. 918 052 280. Email: info@thegraphics.es


Madrid Segway Tours - 10% discount

What is it? Madrid Segway Tours allows you to take a trip to the past along a route through historic Madrid until you reach the new and modern city that is reinvented along the river Manzanares. There are guides that will show you a Madrid full of secrets and romantic corners. They will accompany you to do your shopping in the most prestigious shops and boutiques of the capital and to eat some tapas in the incomparable Mercado de San Miguel, and even bring you to the stadium of your favorite football team. Before each tour, the guides will teach you how to use the Segway, a very simple and fun system to move at your own pace through the city.

Calle Escalinata, 10. Telf. 608 419 513. More information: madrid-segway.es

Motor&Go Rent - Discount for monthly hire and 10% discount for one time hire. Paseo Infanta Isabel, 23. Telf. 914 349 648. Email: empresas@motoandgo.es


Gimnasio Gymage

Thesis project presented by a student who took the Advanced Degree in Fashion Design at the IED Madrid and which is already one of the most emblematic places in Malasaña. The gym is part of this luxury complex, which has shops and a restaurant bar on its terrace, at affordable prices. Learn about the advantages at the gym reception.

Web: gymage.es. Calle de la Luna, 2. Telf. 915 320 974