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03 Living in Madrid

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Madrid is a city with infinite cultural and leisure offer. It has options for all tastes. It is international and multicultural without losing its essence of a Spanish city. You will find all the information you need to make your move to Madrid below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Student Center (hospitality@madrid.ied.es)

1 Medical Insurance


Download the information here
Contact: Boryana Yordanova (YordanovaBo@oac.segurcaixaadeslas.es)



2 Bank Accounts

Supercuenta universitaria Banco Santander

IED Madrid has an agreement with Santander Universidades that offers the possibility of opening a bank account in the Banco Santander at Calle Velázquez, 31.


  • Be an IED Madrid student
    Maximum age: 26 years old

Required Documentation:

  • Enrollment certificate of IED Madrid. Letter of admission
  • Passport
  • Proof of address in Spain (rental agrement, register, invoices)
  • Proof of income (If you are a scholarship student, proof of the scholarship, otherwise parents income documentation)

This savings account is exempt from administration and maintenance fees, and users will be issued a university supercard, which is free and does not have any issuance and renewal costs until the user becomes 27.

The yearly fee for non-residents is 7.83€ until the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) is provided.

We recommend that you update your information with the bank once you have your NIE and Padrón.


Mónica Simón Lorenzo

E-mail: monica.simon@gruposantander.es

Tel. 689916850

3 Getting around Madrid

Madrid has a great network of public transportation.


The Airport of Madrid Barajas - Adolfo Suárez is found 12 km. from the city center. There are four terminals (T1, T2, T3 y T4) with direct access to the public transportation.

Metro: Line 8 (Pink).4,50 - 5 €.
Bus Exprés 24 horas: To Cibeles and/or Atocha Renfe. 5 €
Taxi: Fixed cost to Madrid center 30 €



Metro & bus - 1 trip: from 1,50 € / 10 trips: 12,20 € / Young Transport Card (until 26): 20 €/month / Normal Transport Card: 54.60 €/month

For all the possible metro and bus routes, download the App: Madrid-MBC.

BiciMAD - Move around Madrid by electric bike. Sign up with your transportation card or as an occasional user for 1, 3 or 5 days. For more information: bicimad.com

Taxi - You can catch a cab from the street without a reservation.

Cabify o Uber- You can reserve your taxi with these Apps.

Car2Go - Do you prefer to drive? You can rent and park a car in the enabled zones in Madrid. (You can register for free and enjoy 15 free minutes with the ISIC international card)

E-mov - Move around Madrid with an electric rental car.




4 Housing

IED Madrid does not have its own campus or accommodation, however we can guide you in your search by providing you with information about the different types of housing, neighborhoods, prices, search engines, housing companies, etc, so that you can find your housing more easily. We have established collaboration agreements with student residences and flat agencies and therefore it is best to always identify yourself as an IED student so you can possibly receive discounts. Before comparing the different options, perhaps it is useful to know the average price for housing in Madrid:

  • Apartment (single room) from 600 to 1200 €/month
  • Shared flat from 350 to 600 €/month
  • Residence from 800 to 1300 €/month



Residencia Santa Ana - female residence (IED agreement)
T. +34 914 47 34 42 - 609 07 15 37
E. info@residenciasantaana.com
DISCOUNT: discount for students to be defined.

Residencias Mi Casa Inn (IED agreement)
T. +34 915 42 99 27 | +34 657 83 11 90
E. info@micasainn.com
DISCOUNT: 25% off in the service fee with the code IED2019.

Residencia HUBR (IED agreement)
T. +34 687 368 664
E. hola@hubr.es
DISCOUNT: 5% off the price of the housing before tax (Discount does not apply to the food plans or groups with discounted rates).

Residencia Tagaste (IED agreement)
T. +34 647 90 44 01 / +34 91 435 41 80
E. holamadrid@tagaste.com
DISCOUNT: discount in the sign up fee for 2019-2020 academic year.

Residencia San Lorenzo - female residence (IED agreement)
T. +34 912 04 84 84
E. info@residenciasanlorenzo.com
DISCOUNT: for summer groups there will be a discount depending on the
number of people and length of the stay, depending on the availability.


Residencia Wunderhouse (IED agreement)
T. +34 91 599 03 69
E. info@wunder-house.com
All income until October is discounted the entrance fee of € 260 from the registration fee plus a 5% discount on the rent.

Residencia Inmaculada (IED agreement)
T. +34 91 563 97 16
E. residencia@peretarres.org
DISCOUNT: Free enrollment and a small discount on each months´ fee.
Summer offer: click here.

Residencia Palacio Barrabás (IED Agreement)
T. +34 91 522 89 96 / +34 617 342 910
DISCOUNT: Free sign up fee. A savings of 200 €.

Residencia The Residence
T. +34 915 642 982 / 609 20 42 76 / 629 13 44 89
E. info@theresidenceinmadrid.com

Residencia Universitaria Rosales (IED agreement)
T. +34 660 190 214
E. info@residenciarosales.com
DISCOUNT: discount for student to be defined.


Residencias RUC 
T. +34 914 319 476 | +34 699 170 029
E. info@residenciaruc.es
DISCOUNT: special discount for IED students

Residencia Antonio Caro IED

Colegio Mayor Miguel Antonio Caro (IED Agreement)
Phone:  +34 917 870 700
Email: miguelantoniocaro@resa.es
DISCOUNT: 10% in daily and weekly stays, with the code IED20 at www.resainn.com. More info here.

Collegiate Aravaca IED

Residencia Collegiate Aravaca (IED agreement)
T. +34 911 455 175
E. aravacamadrid@collegiate-ac.com
DISCOUNT:  exclusive for IED students in the accommodation rate by entering the code AM-IED-000. For more information press here.

Santa MAria del Estudiante IED

Colegio Mayor Santa María del Estudiante (IED agreement)
T. 912 134 200
E. santamaria@resa.es
DISCOUNT: 10% in daily and weekly stays, with the code IED20 at www.resainn.com. More info here.

Residencia Erasmo IED

Residencia Universitaria Erasmo (IED agreement)
T. 911 312 100
E. erasmo@resa.es
DISCOUNT: 10% in daily and weekly stays, with the code IED20 at www.resainn.com. More info here.

Residencia vallehermoso IED

Residencia Universitaria Vallehermoso (IED agreement)
T. +34 917 882 200
E. vallehermoso@resa.es
DISCOUNT: 10% in daily and weekly stays, with the code IED20 at www.resainn.com. More info here.

Residencia Claudio Coello IED

Residencia Universitaria Claudio Coello (IED agreement)
T. +34 910 380 008
E. claudiocoello@resa.es
DISCOUNT: 10% in daily and weekly stays, with the code IED20 at www.resainn.com. More info here.

Residencia Paseo de la Habana IED

Residencia Universitaria Paseo de la Habana (IED agreement)
T. +34 915 981 446
E. lahabana@resa.es
DISCOUNT: 10% in daily and weekly stays, with the code IED20 at www.resainn.com. More info here.

Residencia Moncloa IED

Residencia Universitaria Moncloa (IED agreement)
T. +34 900 649 169
E. moncloa@resa.es
DISCOUNT: 10% in daily and weekly stays, with the code IED20 at www.resainn.com. More info here.


Beroomers (IED agreement)
DISCOUNT: 25% discount in the sign up fee with the code IEDM. For more information click here.

DISCOUNT: 20% discount in the sign up fee with the code IED20. For more information click here. You can also inquire at IEDMAD@spotahome.com.

Students Global Relocation (Agreement)
DISCOUNT: 50% discount on the price of the independent services and housing reservation fee for IED Madrid students.
SERVICES: Housing, Padrón and TIE processing, airport pick-up, etc.
Video: Youtube

Aluni.net (IED agreement )
DISCOUNT: 20% discount in the sign up fee for IED Madrid students with the code IED10HELP and writing to instituciones@aluni.net.

DISCOUNT: 30% discount on the booking fee for IED Madrid students with the code IEDMA30 and a personalized support writing to iedmadrid@erasmusu.com. If you want to be contacted by Erasmusu click here and for more information click here.

HousingAnywhere (IED agreement)
DISCOUNT: 10% discount on the service fee using this Link.
For more information, contact vip@housinganywhere.com

Student Rooms (IED agreement)
DISCOUNT: 20% discount in the sign up fee.

DISCOUNT: 50% discount off the agency fee for IED Madrid students writing to angel@homiii.com.

Help Accommodation (IED Agreement)
DISCOUNT: discount during the summer months (June, July and August)
For more information: partners@helpmadrid.com


If you prefer to look for a flat when you are already in Madrid, you will find the lowest prices on the websites below. You should keep in mind that there is no intermediary in the process. To avoid scams, make sure that when you pay the deposit and first month's rent, that you receive the keys and a contract.




Hostal Pizarro
Calle Pizarro 14-1, 28004, Madrid
T - +34 915 319 158
E - info@hostalpizarro.eu

Hotel Life Madrid
Calle Pizarro 16, 28004, Madrid.
T - +34 91 531 42 46
E - info@hotellifemadrid.es




Moveme (Agreement)
DISCOUNT: discount for IED MADRID students.
Relocation services for students


5 Madrid Neighborhoods