Winners of the Master Scholarship Competition - IED Design Talent 2022

We announce the winners of IED Design Talent Master Scholarship Contest - 2022 at IED Madrid. Congratulations to the winners of these scholarships! And thanks to all those professionals who have applied for these scholarships.

  • Fashion and Communication – October: Rubén Cabaleiro Campo (Spain)
  • Fashion Companies Management: María Forteza Binimelis (Spain)               
  • Interior Design: Juan Fernando Vergara Arroyave (Colombia)
  • Product Design: Alessia Biscaro (Italy)
  • Digital Product and Service Design: Angelina Novikova Kiykó (Spain)
  • Digital Design Applied to Fashion: Samantha Costantini García (Spain)
  • Textile and Surfaces Design: María del Rosario Arenas Lee (Peru)
  • Publishing Design: Print and Digital Media: Alicia Sánchez González (Spain)
  • Professional Photography: Jessica Montserrat Carrillo Verboonen (Mexico)
  • Ethical Fashion and Business: Ana María Sarmiento Duarte (Colombia)

IED Madrid will contact the winners.