Graphic Design is more than just a profession. It is practically a philosophy and a way of understanding visual communication in a society in which everything, absolutely everything, is conveyed through images.

Because of this, in order to contemplate all the fields in which the potential of a Graphic Designer can be developed, the IED Madrid offers four specialisations:

  • Virtual: or how to learn to create visual solutions that interact with users on a range of platforms, and which respond to the needs of all kinds of projects.

  • Advertising: or how to learn to convey a brand, a product or any campaign. Everything to do with lending visibility to an idea, making it unique and recognisable.

  • Digital:or how to learn to develop ideas in technological environments, from programming to online appearance, image, video and contents management for the net.

  • Branding: or how to learn to promote the brand image of any project. Lending an identity to an idea or product and applying it to all sorts of projects.

These are the four specialisations with which, along with a range of elective subjects, you will become an expert in one of the areas with the best opportunities in the work market.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Higher Qualification in Graphic Design of the IED Madrid is one of the most complete training in Spain, at the head of creative education.