Are you one of us? Training in Design, Management, Fashion and Visual

Do you see design all around you? Do you think the future lies in the world of marketing? Are you a fan of photography? Or do you love graphic design? Are you mad about fashion? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are one of us and we know what you are looking for.

At IED Master you will find the specialisation you need, whichever sector you are interested in. In our Masters (9 months), Postgraduates (3 months), Weekend Courses or Summer Courses formats, we offer innovative, cross-curricular and multidisciplinary training that will propel toward professional success.

High-level programmes linked to the reality of the work world, updated annually, taught by active professionals and in collaboration with companies and institutions, on the basis of real projects.



A space for innovation and learning about conceptualisation and the design of objects and spaces, separately or interlinked. IED Master brings you closer to the new needs, possibilities and experiences of design.

Master of Interior Design

Master of Scenography and Exhibition Spaces

Master of Lighting Design

Master in Digital Fabrication and Media (in English)

Postgraduate Course in Furniture Design

Postgraduate Course in Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising

Postgraduate Course in Stage Design for Performing Arts

Postgraduate Course in Architectural Lighting Design

Weekend Course in Interior Design

Weekend Course in Urban Landscape Design

Summer Course in Interior Decoration and Styling

Summer Course in Advanced Interior Decoration and Styling 

Summer Course in Design Experience (in English)

Summer Course in Design in Gastronomy (in English)



A creative laboratory in which to train specialists in strategic design. Professions who are capable of creating new forms of communication using languages such as illustration, photography, video, the web and other similar disciplines in physical and digital environments.

Master of Motion Graphics Design

Master of Publishing Design: Print and Digital Media

Master of Professional Photography (in English)

Postgraduate Course in Graphic and Digital Design

Postgraduate Course in Advertising and Editorial Photography (in English) 

Postgraduate Course in Photography and Visual Language (in English) 

Weekend Course in Graphic Design

Weekend Course in Web Design & Development

Summer Course in Graphic Design and Creativity

Summer Course in Design in Gastronomy (in English) 

Summer Course in Illustration and Drawing (in English) 

Summer Course in Visual Storytelling (in English) 



An innovative academic space which seeks to teach the knowledge from a business school in a context in which the way of thinking, facing challenges and solving problems is different, and based on the strategic methodology of design and creativity.

Master of Fashion and Communication

Master of Communication, Marketing and Advertising Management

Master of Digital Marketing Management

Master of Customer Experience Excellence (coming soon) 

Weekend Course in Brand Management

Weekend Course in Digital Creative Manager

Summer Course in Digital Strategy and Social Media



Focusing on the training of talents in the world of fashion and its different disciplines, the IED Fashion courses are a comprehensive response to the increasingly diversified and specialised training requirements of the fashion sector: direction and management of fashion companies, communication and marketing, and design.

Master of Fashion Companies Management

Master of Fashion Products Management

Master of Fashion and CommunicationMaster of Fashion Design

Master of Textile and Surfaces Design

Master of Fashion Accessories Design

Master of Fashion Styling and Communication (in English) 

Master of New Skins: Smart Fabrics & Wearables (in English)

Postgraduate Course in Fashion Stylism

Postgraduate Course in Handbag Design

Weekend Course in Fashion Digital Business 

Summer Course in Fashion Styling

Summer Course in Leather Bags Design and Making

Summer Course in Personal Shopper



Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The Information and Orientation Service at the IED Madrid is available to give you advise and answer any questions you may have.

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