A photographer with her own eye. Perla Tamez, former student of the Master in Professional Photography

At IED Madrid, we believe that having a good story to tell is not enough to become a great photographer. You need to place the other ingredients in the cocktail shaker, such as how to handle light and composition to create the perfect combination: a photography with its own style. A clear example is Perla Tamez, a former student of the Master in Professional Photography with a promising career in documentary photography.

The Master in Professional Photography offers students complete training in the fields of advertising, documentary and fashion photography, thanks to a combination of the theoretical and technical knowledge necessary to lead students to achieve their main objective: to learn a methodology in photography. Furthermore, beyond training students in technical aspects of photography, it strengthens the search for the artist’s own language and a different view of the world through the lens.

We talked with Perla Tamez to learn how her time at the School of Photography at IED Madrid influenced the development of her projects and, above all, the way in which she sees and creates photography.

Perla Tamez

Independent photographer with over five years’ experience behind the lens. She has participated in collective exhibitions in different parts of Mexico, such as the City of Mexico, Estado de México, Nuevo León and Puebla.

In the master’s degree, the teachers aim for the constant creation of work from the beginning. What do you think about this work methodology?
I like it. Starting with work from the beginning helped me to think and dare to do something. Then comes the feedback, and I believe this is the most important part because the teachers guided me and helped me to draw a unifying line in order to continue improving my project.

Your work focuses a great deal on looking at artisanal work and life outside the system. Do you believe that the master’s degree helped you to make this your own photographic eye?
I believe that each one of us has their own story, and in my case the focus on artisanal work had already been swirling around in my head to some extent. The master’s degree helped me to become introspective and bring the ideas down to earth, to connect the dots and give my work a deeper meaning.

Creativity stands out in all your works. What is your main source of inspiration?
I grew up in a rural context where there is a very close interaction between the inhabitants and nature. The people carry out artisanal work and they are dedicated. This has meant that my skill at creating is related to these subjects. There is also the very strong influence of the effort and dedication of my family. In addition, being Mexican and coming from a hard-working country, where there are no limits and the people are committed, has made me value my roots and culture even more, and this is my main inspiration.

Why did you opt for IED Madrid to continue your training?
I always had the intention to study in Spain and I researched a place where I could do a master’s degree and I found IED. I looked at their syllabus and I was very interested as I also noted that it is recognised as one of the best design institutions in Europe.




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