IED Madrid launches the 3-year “CRAFT & DESIGN” programme with a focus on new crafts

IED Madrid design school, belonging to the IED international design network. As a benchmark school, it has the vocation to always offer the most cutting-edge training, while also aware that only by preserving and knowing the heritage of our cultural, artistic and craft heritage are the foundations for coherent innovation laid. For this reason, a 3-year Diploma in Craft & Design, unique in Spain and Europe, has just been launched. 

The value of an artisan object has an essence that endures and that is enhanced over time. In addition, it is the form of artistic expression of a people’s identity and a representation of a country’s culture. 

Every country has a great artisan legacy that needs to be known and preserved. Crafts allow us to delve into our origins and go back to the roots of know-how through traditional techniques. The value of a handmade object also lies in the fact that the object itself tells a story in its own right. We draw from traditional techniques to give these new crafts a contemporary language with an artistic vision that gives the object value in its own right. This also means preserving a place’s cultural heritage. 

It was therefore necessary for IED Madrid to opt for having a qualification such as Craft & Design among its range of courses because we are an ambassador institution of culture and design, and crafts are cultural heritage that require design to regain momentum, update their language and respond to contemporary society. 

With an academic programme of this type, IED Madrid is committed to safeguarding  heritage in the field of crafts. 

It also has close links with the Loewe Foundation, with which it collaborates and shares the values that drive contemporary crafts. 

In addition to a large theoretical and humanistic knowledge base, IED has a Fab Lab integrated in the official Fab Foundation network. This offers students different workshops in order to develop and prototype their creations with both manual and digital procedures and with the appropriate machinery.  

The pedagogical methodology is based on open laboratories that strengthen students’ personal journey and it helps to create unique and authentic creative profiles with a differentiated personality that will lead to the creation of signature pieces that will tell very personal stories. 

The programme is conceived in collaboration with firms in the luxury sector that advocate artisan products with a unique finish and an object with a story. 

The Craft & Design programme, being unique in Europe, has an international focus and is taught entirely in English. 

Students not only acquire technical, but also humanistic skills in which they undergo a transformation during their time at IED Madrid, while also leaving the school with a vision to change the world. In addition to taking away a portfolio enriched with work that they will develop over the three years, much of which with the help of companies. 

School: IED Design

IED Credits: 180

Start date: October 

Language: EnglishAll the information at this link.