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IED Madrid launches its Master's Degree scholarships for the 20/21 academic year

The Istituto Europeo di Design, the largest international design and management education network in Europe, continues to promote talent with a new edition of its scholarship programme for the master’s degrees that start in October 2020.

IED Madrid offers a total of 17 scholarships for its master's degree programmes in design, fashion, visual arts, marketing and management. Nine-month training that begins in October 2020 and which offers students a project culture for developing their talent with a teaching team made up of working professionals and collaborations with leading companies.

The programmes for which scholarships are available are:

  1. Contemporary Photography
  2. Professional Photography
  3. Dirección y Gestión de Empresas de Moda
  4. Dirección y Gestión de Producto de Moda
  5. Diseño de Interiores
  6. Diseño de Producto
  7. Diseño Textil y de Superficies
  8. Escenografía y Espacios Expositivos
  9. Motion Graphics and Digital Visualization (Spanish)
  10. Diseño de Calzado y Bolsos
  11. Diseño de Moda
  12. Fashion Styling and Communication
  13. Comunicación y Moda
  14. Dirección de Marketing Digital
  15. Dirección y Gestión de Comunicación, Marketing y Publicidad
  16. Diseño y Producción Editorial
  17. Lighting Design (Spanish)

A panel of experts in each area will be responsible for assessing the works based on their originality, quality and presentation.

How to participate 

  1. Download the rules of the competition.
  2. Choose the programme for which you wish to submit your scholarship application.
  3. Fill in all the fields of the scholarship application form
  4. Send your proposal by 6 PM (GMT +1) on 29 February 2020.


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