IED Design District Malasaña

Strolling around the most creative part of Madrid not only involves going shopping or cruising the bars, but also living and breathing design at every step and soaking up the latest trends emanating from the different studios, workshops and showrooms that have sprung up in parallel to the presence of IED Madrid in the neighbourhood and now make up so much of its identity.

Self-starters and creatives, designers and lovers of this buzzy, alternative and colourful district have decided to locate their businesses, workshops or galleries here where creativity can be seen at every turn and the most genuine and traditional Madrid exists happily alongside the most avant-garde concepts. Hundred year old businesses rub shoulders with concept stores, design studios, craftspeople’s workshops, co-working spaces and showrooms.




C/ Luna, 19. Puerta 2.

The gallery-shop of Dutch designer Marre Moerel. Her hands are capable of creating true works of art, with her ceramics, lamps and furniture being well to the fore. This workshop is very much the focal point of what she does, where she produces and supports other designers, but her work is exhibited at fairs and museums all over the world.


C/ Pez, 27. Oficina 124.

This design studio founded by curator and designer Roberto Vidal is where he develops his cultural, educational and graphic design projects before implementing them with public administrations, cultural centres and art galleries both in Spain and abroad. The design solutions provided are practical, accessible and based on conceptual thought.


C/ Pez, 27. Oficina 106.

A multidisciplinary artist whose work is centred on his draughtsmanship, with drawing being at the heart of everything he does and the driving force behind his multifaceted career. His work, which encompasses ceramics, mural actions and interventions, photography and video, can be seen at exhibitions and in illustrated novels.


C/ Pez, 27. Oficina 206.

A design studio that has developed its own brand that perfectly reflects its energy and style. It was here that its famous grannies were born, the starting point of a mission to create a colourful and vectorial universe. The design process used is, in the main, digital, but the handmade is an outstanding feature of its products. It has forged its brand identity from the beauty of old age.


C/ Pez, 27. Oficina 113.

Inspired by traditional elegance, Naranjo-Etxeberria incorporates modern details –influenced by contemporary visual culture- into all of their concepts, brands and strategies. This is defined by their function in the development of complete global projects, with the work always being based on concepts that determine shape and form using the art direction and communication processes.


C/ Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 17.

A furniture and interiors shop-gallery-bar-design (and production) studio. A place to lose yourself, to have a drink while contemplating the thousands of details housed in its interior and enjoy art exhibitions. As well as pieces of its own design, it is a shop window for selling the work of new designers.


C/ Valverde, 29.

The first and only craft beer micro-brewery in the centre of Madrid. A beautiful space in which to try the different types of beer brewed right there on the premises. A project born to counteract the feeling that there was not enough high-quality beer to be had in the capital.


C/ Colón, 15.

A workshop that specialises in bookbinding and the restoration of books, exercise books, boxes, photo albums... A versatile space where everything is done by hand and in collaboration with different artists to convert its books into unique items. Its walls serve as the backdrop for temporary exhibitions.


C/ Palma, 10.

A concept store that brings a selection of products from the best emerging Spanish and international companies together under one roof. This multi-brand outlet stocks the very latest trends in fashion, accessories, shoes, decoration, furniture, beauty and even bicycles. A space that combines leisure, culture and cuisine within its 3,000+ m2.


C/ Don Felipe, 10.

Shop-showroom. A space filled with pieces of modular hardwood furniture that can be modified to update their surroundings. The hand behind Steve Mono leather accessories is that of designer Gonzalo Fonseca. The idea: to reinterpret classic bags, accessories and other small leather items for a modern lifestyle.


C/ San Hermenegildo, 28.

A space dedicated to young, unprejudiced and rigorous contemporary artistic creation. A way of making and coming to grips with the aesthetic ideas of our time by establishing connections between creators, critics, curators, collectors and cultural agents with links to the art market.



C/ Serrano Anguita, 18.

Armiche Rodríguez, founder and the driving force behind the Nihil Obstat fashion brand has gone from only designing and producing wedding fashion to developing his own prêt-à-porter collection and becoming a major player in the field of costumes for musicals, cinema and theatre.


C/ Pelayo, 78.

The edgy creator behind the ceramic pieces that bear her name. Specialising in jewellery and decorative objects, her creations are handmade with maximum care going into every detail. Sculptural works of exquisite taste.



C/ Pelayo, 68.

This shop-studio is dedicated to the design of interiors and furniture, all hand made in Madrid, where the work of independent artists is also promoted and special items and publications related with art and design are on sale.


C/ Pelayo, 43.

One of today’s most recognised interior designers. A designer who injects a breath of fresh air to old pieces of furniture, creates optical illusions to give the feeling of larger and more welcoming spaces. His shop is full of Talavera ceramics. Pieces designed both in-house and in collaboration with other illustrators.



Brand created by Abraham Menéndez, an illustrator whose beautiful and delicate drawings decorate ceramic plates. He produces collections with a childlike touch that is blended with his more mature side while always searching for that perfect balance and combining them with a great sense of humour, which is essential to be able to love his work.


C/ Fernando VI, 13.

A concept store in which design rubs shoulders with fashion and art. A one-off shop in the Justicia neighbourhood created by Lucía Ruiz-Rivas where you can enjoy a new experience, drink a coffee or simply get inspired. It includes an exclusive selection of “found” objects that combine the latest trends with the most rustic and traditional designs.

Marta_Botas_Design _district


C/ Argensola, 2. 5º.

Holder of an IED Madrid Diploma in Graphic Design, in 1999 she cofounded La (Cle), a Design and Communication Office, and ten years later she opened her own studio, which is her base for working on art direction projects, as a lecturer for the IED and as a plastic artist.


C/ Gonzalo de Córdoba, 7.

Since training at IED Madrid and in the workshops of Alexander McQueen and Loewe, Leyre has shown her collections in Paris, Berlin, Sicily, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Warsaw... Not to mention at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, where she has shown both in Samsung Ego and on the official catwalk.



C/ Morejón 7, bajo derecha.

Workshop/showroom. Chichinabo Inc. is a brand of illustrated ceramics that sets out to tell stories, not just any stories, but those whose everyday nature often makes them go unnoticed. From their studio in Madrid they design small collections of handmade products.


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