IED among the Top 50 Global Fashion Schools

Business Of Fashion 2016 ranking considered IED’s Fashion School to be among the top 50 globally.

Before the starting of the new Academic Year 16-17, Business of Fashion has been collecting data about Fashion schools all over the world, publishing the classic annual ranking for the Top.

Stick to their canonical settings, their 2016 ranking presents two different lists, one for BAs and one for Masters. Each of them include three selective criteria to reach a BoF score:

  • Global influence: based on selectivity of the school in admitting students and analysis of the finalists in the major international fashion prizes (scoring from 0 to 100)
  • Learning experience: based on student feedback, quality of teaching and resources available in the school (scoring from 0 to 100)
  • Long-term value: based on student feedback about preparedness for the real world, satisfaction about employment opportunities and careers, as well as graduation rates provided by schools (scoring from 0 to 100)

IED is honored to be one of these schools, highlighting the constant commitment to improve its courses and give the best school experience, both during classrooms and after graduation.