Foundation Courses in Design. A creative gap year before going to university

Increasingly more young people are taking a gap year after completing their university entrance exams in order to learn languages, travel and decide which degree they want to study. Have you thought about training in Design?

Many young people are still undecided as to which degree to do or they don’t know where to study their preferred subject. If you have decided to start studying design, or if you want to improve your portfolio and start concentrating on one or other branch of this discipline (Fashion, Graphic, Product, Interior, Communications and Styling, etc.), or you simply don’t which of these you want to study, these IED Madrid courses are the perfect springboard to accessing other studies later on.


IED Madrid’s Foundation Courses are planned to offer students:

  • an intensive year in which to obtain in-depth knowledge about what it means to study in the university-style, creative and multicultural atmosphere provided by IED Madrid.
  • an introduction to Design and to the basic tools they need to bring out and develop their creativity.
  • the chance to improve their English by learning the technical language of the creative environment.
  • a life in a city such as Madrid, which is not only dynamic, but also well communicated with all the other European capitals.
  • the opportunity to live and work alongside people of different cultures. Each year we welcome students from all over the world.



  • They provide the best option for defining your academic interests without taking a rash decision after finishing your university entrance exams. It is a proven fact that people who opt for preparatory training feel more mature and ready to tackle their university studies.
  • Taking a creative gap year is not a waste of time and synonymous with taking a break. Foundation courses require dedication and develop the students’ capacities of thinking for themselves, working individually and as part of a group, as well as making them realise that design is present in every aspect of our lives.
  • Design thinking is one of the factors that companies are increasingly looking for to provide that element of creation and communication. This even applies to non-artistic or –visual degree courses, such as those that are business-, marketing- and administration-based: bringing innovation into the company, participating in multidisciplinary teams, obtaining better results in the workplace…

If you have passed your university entrance exams and you complete the Foundation Course, you may go on to study a degree course without having to retake the Higher Arts Education Admissions Test. You do not need to pass the university entrance exams to apply for these courses.


Expand your experience! Design your mind!
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