Foundation Courses in Design: a perfect match for creative people

Illustration, graphic design, interior design, fashion or total design. A course for an each type of designer. Tell us who you are and find the perfect program to start your relationship with design

If you have decided to start studying design, or if you want to start concentrating on one or other branch of this discipline (Graphic, Interior, Communications, Product or Fashion), or you simply don’t which of these you want to study, these IED Madrid courses are the perfect springboard to accessing other studies later on.


Foundation_Course-Graphic_Design_ Illustration

Graphic Design and Illustration

If you are a real storyteller and don’t find words to express your creativity, we have designed this introductory course for people who want to get into these two exciting branches of visual communication: graphic design and illustration.


Interior Design

If you love getting lost at IKEA, this course is aimed at those who want to start their studies in the design of interiors and spaces of different types and scales, through projects and workshops made in collaboration with designers and companies in the sector.

Total Design in English or Spanish

If you are a design lover and you want everything, choose the language (English or Spanish) and immerse yourself in a transversal vision of design through the 4 branches: Fashion, Graphic, Product and Interiors.

A perfect match! Studying in Madrid and live a creative experience

  • An intensive year in which to obtain in-depth knowledge about what it means to study in the university-style, creative and multicultural atmosphere provided by IED Madrid.
  • An introduction to Design and to the basic tools they need to bring out and develop their creativity.
  • The chance to improve their English by learning the technical language of the creative environment.
  • A life in a city such as Madrid, which is not only dynamic, but also well communicated with all the other European capitals.
  • The opportunity to live and work alongside people of different cultures. Each year we welcome students from all over the world.


If you want to carry on studying an undergraduate degree at IED, you will have to do a Higher Degree in Design Admission Test in order to enrol to official programmes.


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