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Design made in IED Madrid. Four students display their projects at Design Junction 2017

This showcase, a key stop at the London Design Festival, brings together ephemeral installations, exhibitions and other proposals around the concept of furniture, lighting and technology, from more than 200 design firms.

Between the 21st and the 24th of September, the heart of London plunges into the most innovative design with Design Junction 2017
#wheredesignmeets #kingscross

At the IED Madrid we are celebrating: the projects by four of our students are on display as part of the Artsthread Selection, a renowned showcase of the most avant garde design. Son Shido, by David Sordo, a recently qualified Product Design student; Pina, by Christina Schwertschlang, a student who finished her Higher Qualification in Product Design in June; OWN CARPET, by Paula Heras, a former student of the Semi-Attendance-Based Master in Product Design; and NPTN, a project by Eric Müller, from the Master of Product Design Labs 2016.

Discover them!

NPTN – Eric Muller Moreno, former student of the Master of Product Design Labs 2016.

OWN CARPET – Paula Sanz, former student of the Semi-Attendance-Based Master in Product Design.

PINA – Christina Schwertschlang, former student of the Higher Qualification in Product Design.

SHIDO – David Sordo, former student of the Higher Qualification in Product Design.