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Would you like to study in a design school? Come to IED Madrid! Our Design Campus is the largest in Madrid. An open and cosmopolitan city, where design and creativity are experienced everywhere.

Did you know...?

Times have changed. Creative careers are experiencing and increase in job placement in all areas.

The colour orange is usually associated with culture, identity and creativity.

Everything is designed, but few things are well designed.

Video games are the top entertainment option in Spain. This sector grew by 20% in 2016.

There is not an online and an offline world, but a single customer who decides how and where to buy.

Bid data, web development and programming and the Internet of Things are among the sectors that demand more professionals.

The spaces we inhabit exert a certain influence on our emotions.

If there is a powerful and decisive tool when it comes to selling a product or service, it is the image. The world of marketing and communication would not be the same without photography.

Thinking as a designer now has a strategic value within companies (Design Thinking).


Study at the IED Madrid!
This is your place if you want to be a...

Graphic designer in advertising agencies // Pattern-maker at an atelier // Window dresser in the textile and services sector // Comic book illustrator // Interior designer and decorator // Art director at press, book and record publishers // Stylist and personal shopper // Designer of interactive and virtual showcases // Product designer at design studios // Videogame and app designer // Fashion communication / marketing manager // Multimedia programmer // Accessories designer // Application developer

... and many more creative opportunities.





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