On 18th November, the IED Design School celebrated the 25th anniversary of its arrival in Spain in Bilbao with an event that paid tribute to creativity and talent in the framework of the of the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao's TOPArte programme. In celebration of the Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week, the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao hosted a fashion show featuring designers from Spain and abroad, including 25 collections by former students from IED Madrid and IED Barcelona. These collections reflected the past, present and future of the institution that landed in Madrid in 1994. An audiovisual exhibition was also projected, highlighting the impact of design on our surroundings and students' ability to define the future.

Epitomizing the motto "25 years designing the future", IED has always driven the role of design in the sustainable development of society. With the philosophy of challenge-based education behind each project and championing the use of disruptive methodologies, it continues to provide an education that is attentive to peoples' needs.

Mobile applications to promote car-sharing systems, objects produced through digital manufacturing, accessories that become new means of transport, and bus stops that use renewable energy to provide information on the status of the service are some of the approaches that have emerged across the course of these 25 years. This has been possible thanks to collaborations with institutions such as NASA and CERN, events like the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and more than 100 companies across the world.


Fashion designers from IED Madrid and IED Barcelona meet at the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

The collections showcased on the catwalk at the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao represent the creativity developed by IED alumni throughout their professional careers. The eclectic mix of garments and visions on display further highlighted the individuality of the designers, who hailed from Italy, Brazil, Romania, Israel, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, among others. 

“Fashion is the most powerful means that human beings have to express their identity. It is the connector and collector of peoples' dreams, motivations, worries, inspirations... which is why we wanted to present a mosaic that represents IED talent from the past 25 years”, said Alessandro Manetti, CEO of the IED Group in Spain.

The collections define the future of fashion and reflect the current challenges within the sector; including proposals made following a sustainable approach, conceptual and cutting-edge designs, delicate hand-made and locally produced pieces, and evening gowns that follow the techniques of haute couture.

Among the designs that hit the runway were collections from acclaimed fashion firms, emerging young talents, prize-winning designers accoladed by Vogue Who's On Next and the Samsung EGO Innovation Project, and regulars of New York Fashion Week and of national platforms like the Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week and 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Exclusively for the occasion, three former students – one from IED Madrid, one from IED Barcelona and another from IED Milan – created two looks each in honour of the 60th anniversary of the construction the Guggenheim Museum in New York, designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The curved spiral forms, the delicateness of the pieces of art exhibited within its walls and the opulence of the building's architecture were the inspirations for the designs; some of which were made using Gratacós fabrics provided especially for the celebration.

“IED has left a legacy of an important generation of designers that promote the culture of and appreciation for design all over the world”, noted Manetti on the IED network. "We have always anticipated the future, and today we want to celebrate looking back; but we also want to generate a conversation about the present and the future, with our eyes fixed on the challenges that the contemporary world presents to us," he concluded.

Important personalities from the fashion industry sat in the crowd: actress Rosy de Palma, fashion icon Diane Pernet, Belgian fashion consultant Francine Pairon or Spanish fashion designer Custo Dalmau, along with Pilar Pasamontes, Scientific Fashion Director of IED, and Julia Weems and Moisés Nieto, Fashion School directors of IED Barcelona and Madrid, respectively. Within the model casting, there was Palito Dominguín, Eleonora Bosé’s little sister and Spanish Model Bet Callieri.

Cynthia Buttenklepper
Graduation: IED BCN 2007/08
Brand: Cynthia Buttenklepper
Winner Vogue Who’s On Next Mexico 2019


Prisca Franchetti
Graduation: IED BCN 2010/11
Brand: Priscavera
Collection featured in New York Fashion Week


Idan Gilony
Graduation: IED BCN 2012/13
Brand: UY Studio
Costume Design for Staatsballett Berlin performed at Geramn Opera Berlin


Andra Simona Handaric
Graduation: IED BCN 2012/13
Brand: Andra Handaric
Finalist Moda FAD 2013
Appeared in Romanian Fashion Week


Cristina Tamborero
Graduation: IED BCN 2012/13
Brand: Cristina Tamborero
Collection featured in Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week


Edward Cuming
Graduation: IED BCN 2014/15
Brand: Eddie Cuming
Semi-Finalist for H&M Design Award 2019


Eñaut Barruetabeña
Graduation: IED BCN 2016/17
Brand: Eñaut
080 Award for Emerging Design - June 2019


Inés Monjo
Graduation: IED BCN 2017/18
Franca Sozzani Best Collection Award 2018


Vivian Alarcón
Graduation: IED BCN 2017/18
Collection featured in 080 Barcelona Fashion


Paula Stölt
Graduation: IED BCN 2018/19
Inditex Scholarship 2019


Paolo Chulia
Graduation: IED BCN 2018/19
ECOcyborg Fashion Tech Show

Brenda Gonzalez Zuñiga
Graduation: IED BCN 2018/19
IED Best Thesis Award 2019


Carla Alberch Piera
Graduation: IED BCN 2018/19
Franca Sozzani Best Collection Award 2019


María Clè Leal
Graduation: IED Madrid 2003/04
Brand: María Clè Leal
Finalist Vogue Who’s On Next Spain 2016 and 2017
MBFWM Fashion Talent Award 2015
Finalist Mango Fashion Awards 2012 and 2008
Awarded Samsung EGO Innovation Project prize 2005


Andrés Zurru
Graduation: IED Madrid 2017/18
Presented collection in the OFF programme of MBFWM


Moisés Nieto
Graduation: IED Madrid 2009/10
Brand: Moisés Nieto
Winner of the Spanish National Fashion Award 2016
L’Óreal Prize 2012
Winner Vogue Who’s On Next Spain 2016
Finalist Mango Fashion Awards 2013
Vogue Italia - My Own Show


Leyre Valiente
Graduation: IED Madrid 2010/11
Brand: Leyre Valiente
Finalist Vogue Who’s On Next Spain 2017 and 2015
Xishang Best Avant-Garde Designer 2015
Dedal de Oro Award 2015
Finalist Moda FAD


Tiago Valente
Graduation: IED Madrid 2002/03
Benicássim International Festival 2003 – Best Young Designers Award
Benicássim International Festival 2004 – Best Designer Award
Art Prize 2017 – Finalist in Installation Category


Maria Rosenfeldt
Graduation: IED Madrid 2011/12
Brand: Heridadegato
Finalist Vogue Who’s On Next Spain 2017, 2018 and 2019
Collection featured in Samsung EGO, MBFWM 2012-2013

Ainhoa Mortencia
Graduation: IED Madrid 2017/18
Brand: Amentia
Temporary Exhibition at the Garment Museum in Madrid


Sonia Carrasco
Graduation: IED Madrid 2013/14
Brand: Sonia Carrasco
080 Award for Emerging Design - June 2019
Selected among the top 50 candidates for the LVMH Prize 2015
Winner of the first MFSHOW LAB BY PANDORA


Carlota Barrera
Graduation: IED Madrid 2014/15
Brand: Carlota Barrera
Winner Vogue Who’s On Next Spain 2019
Winner Moda FAD Award 2019
Winner Getxo Moda 2019


Tiscar Espadas
Graduation: IED Madrid 2014/15
Brand: Tiscar Espadas
Finalist BIG DESIGN AWARD 2019 
Kaihara Sponsorship 2019
Burberry Scholarship 2017/2019


Ela Fidalgo
Graduation: IED Madrid 2016/17
Brand: Ela Fidalgo
Awarded Samsung EGO Innovation Project prize, MBFWM 2016
Finalist in the 33rd International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères 2018


Rytas Matuliuskas
Graduation: IED Madrid 2018/19
Brand: Rytas Matuliuskas


Andrés García Cruz
Graduation: IED Madrid 2018/19
Collection featured in Samsung EGO, MBFWM - July 2019


Francesco Murano
Graduation: IED Milan 2018/19
Vogue Talents 2019