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Professional Orientation

At the Department of Professional Guidance we will offer guidance to students and former students of the IED Madrid and help businesses when selecting professionals to cover practical experience or employment positions in all areas of design, communications, marketing and strategic innovation.

Do you have any questions about your CV, portfolio or about how to write a cover letter? We will advise you in a personalized way to give visibility to your CV and facilitate your entry into the labour market, using 2.0 tools.

How to access this service:
Send your updated CV to info.empresas@madrid.ied.es along with your name and the course you are taking. You will become part of our database, and will be included in selection processes according to your professional profile and to the requirements set by each company.

Send your CV and portfolio to bolsa_empleo@madrid.ied.es along with your name, the course and year in which you finished your studies at the IED Madrid. You will become part of the employment database and will receive offers and proposals for collaborations, depending on your specialty and on the needs of each business.

Send an email to info.empresas@madrid.ied.es indicating whether you want to receive a trainee or activate a job opportunity. We will explain the process to be followed in each case.
If you want to make a company presentation, organize a recruiting day or propose another initiative to our students, please contact us.

Professional Guidance Department

Contact person: Chiara Giacco
IED Madrid. C / Larra, 14
Tel. (+34) 91 448 04 44
Linkedin: IED MADRID Career Services

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