La exposición invisible. 100 años de innovación checa

30/10/2018 a 23/11/2018 - 12:00 a 19:00 - IED Madrid

Can an exhibition be “invisible” and keep its pieces hidden?

If we revisit the last 100 years of Czech innovation,
we will be plunged into the very experience of such a thing.


IED Madrid’s Innovation Lab is opening its doors to welcome “La exposición invisible. 100 años de innovación checa”, an interactive multimedia journey through the history of Czceh science and research. This exhibit has been organised in collaboration with the Czech Centre and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Madrid.

Innovation is intangible. It is a nebulous idea just like any thought associated with an object. It is at the precise moment that we understand something’s significance and impact on our lives that it begins to manifest before our eyes.

Out of this notion evolved the overarching concept of  welcome “La exposición invisible. 100 años de innovación checa”. A journey that, through augmented reality and virtual reality technology, spans 100 years of history in the science and research fields in the Czech Republic, while at the same time introducing an emerging generation of businesses and entrepreneurs, brands and institutions linked to the world of innovation (incubators, start-ups, research institutes etc.)

The interaction between spectator and display pieces creates a space for a much more intense communication. With the help of virtual reality, visitors are transported through time and space in exploration of inventors and their inventions, the inner workings of said inventions and anecdotes of how inventors achieved the results they did.

The aim therefore is not simply to present a list of brands such as Škoda, Jawa, Tatra, Koh-i-noor or Baťa, or personalities, among them being scientists, thinkers and innovators such as Otto Wichterle, Franktišek, K Křižík, Jaroslav Heyrovský or Viktor Kaplan, whose inventions have had worldwide impact on people’s lives, but to explain the principles of their often complicated inventions in a simple way. Czech discoveries made during the last century ranging from soft contact lenses to the Kaplan turbine or even the futuristic train of the 30s known as “the Slovak Arrow” will be on display.

In order to enjoy the experience please download the app when you visit the exhibition:

This exhibition forms part of the activities organised for the Czech Republic’s centenary and the Madrid’s Science and Innovation Week programming.  

Guided visit: 30th October
, 7pm led by designer Adam Uchytil, in charge of the exhibition’s design
Guided tour bookings: proyectosculturales@madrid.ied.es

Opening: 30th October, 7:30pm
Exhibition: 31st October- 23th November 2018
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12pm-7pm with access to tablets
The expo can also be visited outside of these hours but only through the download of the app.




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