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Apply for 6 full Scholarship, “My Cloud My Castle, digital design program”

Today 17/11/2017 a 30/05/2018 - IED Madrid

Are you a full-stack developer, apply for 6 full Scholarship to "My Cloud My Castle, digital design program" each grand include, free accommodation, non-labor visa for Spain, healthcare, 300€/month and Spanish classes.

Apply for 6 full Scholarship in the Digital Design Lab’s new full-time program “My Cloud My Castle, digital design program.”

Are you a talented Full Stack Developer or Web Designer? Passionate about code, design, and new technologies? Do you want to learn, work & travel in Europe for 1 year?

We are looking for people from the computer engineering world, who want to expand their knowledge in new fields, like design and new technologies and would benefit from adding design-related knowledge to their C.V., (such as, UX/UI, Visual design, design thinking), in short, people who want to develop a global vision of the design process.. We are giving 6 full scholarships to study our new full-time program “My Cloud My Castle, digital design program & Design Internship” In Madrid.

This full-time program last 10 months and is divided into two parts that run concurrently:

  1. My Cloud My Castle Program. This program is divided into 20% workshops, lectures and training that will be carried out throughout the year and 80% personal projects.
  2. Design Internship. The internship runs simultaneously with the above course and consists of work experience in the Digital Design Lab department developing real projects (80% of the time). Students will spend the other 20% of the time receiving cross-discipline training in Design which will give them the necessary knowledge to carry out the above mentioned real world work experience.

Who is it aimed at?

Graduate and postgraduate students with these eligible profiles:

  • FullStack Developers
  • Web Developers (BackEnd and FrontEnd)
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Service & Interaction Designers
  • AR/VR Specialist
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Visualizer Designer
  • Audio visual Communication and Digital Media

What we offer?

  • 6 Grants with 100% coverage of the cost of the program.
  • Free accommodation in a shared flat during the time the internship lasts.
  • Non labour practice visa for Spain, that allows you to travel throughout Europe.
  • Health care coverage during the whole period the internship lasts.
  • 300€ month to cover your basic expenses.
  • Spanish classes
  • Working in the Digital Design Lab with professionals and companies.
  • Completing your portfolio by developing a real project.
  • Possibility of opting to join the staff of the companies participating, or the IED itself.

The program starts in October 2018: Course info 6 full scholarships My cloud My castle
Closing Date for applications: May 30th, 2018
More info: digitaldesignlab@ied.es

The only way to get into the program it’s applying for a scholarship. You have to send us:

  1. CV & LinkedIn profile
  2. Motivational letter talking about your personal project
  3. Portfolio pdf or website url with your portfolio

If you’re selected you have to attend a personal interview.

My Cloud My Castle, digital design Program

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