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Summer Course in Visual Storytelling

Summer - 1 week

This course is a one-week workshop related with visual arts. Learn to develop visual concepts and create content for digital media!

    Summer Course in Visual Storytelling

    The term 'storytelling' is used in a narrow sense to refer specifically to oral storytelling and nowadays it refers also to narrative techniques in other media.
    We live in a world surrounded by stories. All the images that we receive make part of a story designed to generate a link with us and make them memorable. Each campaign, each poster, each picture, each logo, can tell a great story.
    This one-week workshop will help students to gain a deep understanding of visual language and learn how to develop a concept that can be told on different platforms. 

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    1. Understand the fundamentals of transmedia storytelling
    2. Develope concepts: creating a language form
    3. Identify and evaluate the components of effective transmedia campaigns
    4. Develop a crossmedia brief
    5. Produce content
    6. Photo and lightning basic knowledge
    7. Design: layout basic knowledge
    8. Work flow and basic knowledge of Photoshop, Camera Raw and InDesign
    9. Pitching ideas and portfolio presentations


    Simone Gallucci & Julio Numar

    Art Directors & Co-founders of neutrø
    Simone and Julio are cofounders of neutrø, a creative and multidisciplinary studio based in Madrid. Neutrø generates creative and visual content for brands through audiovisual design. Their philosophy is based on offering visual solutions, in which concept and aesthetics work as the same thing. Although they are based in Madrid, Neutrø has worked with international brands and artists in Italy and New York.

    Javier Siedlecki

    Creative director & Founder of Yo te cuento
    Javier Siedlecki is founder of Yo te cuento, a consultancy that helps organizations to give strength and emotion to their messages, using their own stories. Yo te cuento uses storytelling to build brands, strengthen internal communication internal communication, and structure and give emotion to audiovisual content.


    1. Storytelling. Point of departure of the project that will be done during the course, an introduction into narrative tools necessary to tell a story. 
    2. Design and visual composition. Learning of basic concepts of design and visual composition with the aim of finishing the module with a sketch of the final project.
    3. Photo and lighting (theory). Learning basic concepts of working with a camera and a lighting set: composite a scene, iluminate and take a photo based on a previous sketch.
    4. Photo and lighting (practice). Students will do a photoshooting parting from their sketch and will learn how to import and edit their photo using Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop.
    5. Composition of a Final Art and how to present it. Learning to composite a final poster with inDesign and how to do do a brief presentation to show a work: concept, references and final result of your project.


    Course file

    Summer Course in Visual Storytelling

    • Type of course : Summer
    • Language : English
    • School: Visual Communication
    • Start date: 01 July 2019
    • Duration: 1 week
    • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening Tarde L/J de 16.30 a 21.30 h; Viernes de 16.30 a 19.30 h
    • Attendance: in-person
    • Qualification: Private
    • Enrollment rate: 300 €
    • Course Fee: 550 €

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