Visual Arts Semester Course

Semester Course - 6 months

  • School: Visual Communication

  • School: Visual Communication
  • Start date: 01 October 2020
  • Language : English

    Visual Arts Semester Course

    The intensive Visual Arts Course prepares students to take their first steps in graphic design, photography and motion graphics in an introduction to the techniques, processes and methodologies of this discipline, enabling them to create their own visual language. This course provides access to IED Madrid’s master’s degree programmes.



    (Fundamentals of Design, Ideation, Visual Culture)

    Students will learn to collect, analyse, synthesise and manage information in order to assess and develop ideas and arguments that establish relationships between formal language, symbolic language and specific functionality.

    They will use appropriate tools to search for their own creative identity and they will acquire the key theoretical and methodological principles in order to develop creativity in a space of research and experimentation.

    They will learn how to analyse currents of thought and aesthetic theory applied to visual culture, considering the interrelations of the different artistic languages by searching for authors and trends, as well as reflecting on the impact that new technologies have on the new ways to communicate.


    (Drawing, Colour, Volume, Typography, Composition, Image, Graphic Production)

    Acquiring the ability to observe in order to represent the environment through different plastic and expressive techniques. Introducing, both theoretically and practically, the science of the perception of colour. Knowing and mastering basic volumetric concepts, processes and techniques.

    Developing typographical sensitivity and understanding its importance in visual communication. Learning how to devise and implement grids as the basis for graphic design. Mastering the technical resources for image processing for reproduction, pre-press and printing. Gaining knowledge about the different media for publishing and the different types of printing.


    (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Lightroom)

    Approaching the practice of visual design from the point of view of the technologies and tools used in computer-generated design, using techniques of digital image editing, editing, vector drawing, the generation and editing of moving images and image processing.


    (PrintLAB, BookLAB, PhotoLAB, VisuaArtslLAB )

    Learning the different manual and traditional techniques of graphic arts, photography and stock-motion animation.

    Acquiring the main theoretical and methodological principles for developing creativity and addressing the development of a project at its different stages (thinking, building, communicating).

    Why study at IED Madrid?

    In a world in which communication is becoming increasingly important and visual contents are used daily, companies demand profiles able to understand and create contents that are impactful, innovative and, in turn, with a powerful message. Professionals with multifaceted profiles that are adapted to new technologies are making headway in the world of communication due to the ease with which they address problems and offer creative solutions.

    The participants on this course discover the world of Visual Arts with a programme created to combine theoretical contents with practical activities that allow students to experiment with both traditional and with other, more innovative, techniques. They will address the fundamentals of the design, the  colour, the forms and the structures of visual language that allow the development of conceptual and technically creative projects.

    For one year, students receive training in areas such as drawing, systems of representation, theory and history of art, as well as technology and digital design. Contents that encourage ongoing experimentation during the course and which prepare students for their professional future in an area that is continuously evolving.

    Professional Opportunities

    • Graphic Design
    • Photography
    • Illustration
    • Design Consulting
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Print and digital media

    Course file

    Visual Arts Semester Course

    • Type of course : Semester Course
    • Language : English
    • School: Visual Communication
    • Start date: 01 October 2020
    • Duration: 6 months
    • Timetable : Afternoon
    • Attendance: In-person
    • Qualification: Private
    • Enrollment rate: 2500 €
    • Course Fee: 11400 €
    • Course Fee (non UE residents): 11900 €

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