Postgraduate Course in Management and Marketing in the Music Industry

Postgraduate - 3 months

  • School: Management
  • IED Credits: 20

  • School: Management
  • IED Credits: 20
  • Start date: October 2022
  • Language : Español

    Postgraduate Course in Management and Marketing in the Music Industry

    Following the professionalism of the music sector, the rise of the live music business in Spain and the digital transformation of the music industry, Universities and Schools have promptly offered their students specific training about a sector that is advancing by leaps and bounds.

    In addition, many professionals have decided to bring themselves up-to-date and gain training by attending fairs both in Spain and abroad, such as BIME Pro (Spain), Sounds from Spain in South by Southwest (USA), Primavera Pro (Spain), FIMPRO (Mexico) and many more.

    Course file

    Postgraduate Course in Management and Marketing in the Music Industry

    • Type of course : Postgraduate
    • Language : Español
    • School: Management
    • IED Credits: 20
    • Start date: October 2022
    • Duration: 3 months
    • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening 19.00 - 22.30 h, Mon to Fri, 4 to 5 days per week
    • Attendance: In-person
    • Qualification: Private / A private certificate will be issued at the end of the course
    • Directed to : interesados en desarrollar su carrera dentro de la industria musical. Profesionales del mundo del marketing, la comunicación, el periodismo, diseñadores gráficos o en definitiva, todos aquellos que quieran especializarse en alguna de las áreas que abarca la industria de la música.
    • Admission process : se prevé una selección efectuada sobre la base de CV, carta de motivación y porfolio de trabajos. Entrevista personal, si la Coordinación Didáctica lo estima oportuno.
    • Enrollment rate: 1200 €
    • Course Fee: 3300 €


    • To understand how the music industry works
    • To discern between publishing and phonographic rights
    • To identify who's who in the music industry
    • To coordinate a work area at a music festival
    • To know how to make a music programme for a hall or theatre
    • To learn how to use an artist’s communication tools

    Professional opportunities

    • Product Manager at record labels
    • Manager in Marketing, Communication and Management Departments
    • Licensing Assistant / Manager at record companies or publishers
    • Promotion and press coordinator
    • Community Manager or Social Media Coordinator
    • Producer of musical events

    Lecturers & Visiting Professionals

    • Santiago Ricart
      Head of A&R en Sony Music Publishing
    • Natalia Piñuel
      Investigadora Cultural, Coordinadora del Festival She Makes Noise en La Casa Encendida, responsable de la plataforma Playtime Audiovisuales y comisaria
    • Nacho Ruiz
      Director del sello discográfico y editorial Mont Ventoux, co-director de Festival Brillante y Madrid Brillante
    • Ana Sanabia
      Programadora Cultural, Artist Booker, Artist Management
    • Luis Fernández Sanz
      A&R, Label Manager de Sonido muchacho, A&R externo Universal Music Spain.
    • Iñigo Elosegui
      CEO / Manager at Sangre
    • Ana Gómez de Castro
      Product Marketing Manager en Live Nation Madrid
    • Nacho Córdoba
      Senior Promoter en Live Nation Madrid
    • Mar Rojo
      Venue Programmer en Sala El Sol
    • Amandine Delpierre
      Executive VP Sapian Weezevent
    • Blanca Prieto Dávila
      Strategy & Communication Director en Erretres
    • Javier lorbada
      Sol Música Channel Director - MTV Magazine Director
    • Roberto Salas
    • Fundador de Autoplacer - Comunicación digital Rizoma Festival
    • Silvia Bianchi
      Head of Digital at Sangre
    • Puwerty
      Festival de La Casa Encendida.
    • Eva Fernández Cortés
      Comms & content & SM Manager UFI
    • Clara del Castillo Antón
      UX/UI Designer
    • María Del Río-Puwerty
      Responsable de prensa y medios RAE- Comisaria de Puwerty
    • Ángel Aranda Ruiz
      Coordinador de Radio, Literatura y Pensamiento en La Casa Encendida - Comisario de Puwerty Autoplacer

    Methodology of the Master’s Degree School

    By completing an IED Madrid master's degree programme, you will access cross-cutting training that complements your knowledge and strengthens your skills, preparing you to be a unique profile in the job market. 

    Online preparatory course: optional

    As a student of this master's degree, you will be able to participate in a preparatory course on basic tools for understanding the functioning of design and the skills, from a technical and personal development point of view, inherent to it:

    • Presentation and portfolio
    • Photoshop *you will be able to take a level test at the start of the course
    • Indesign *you will be able to take a level test at the start of the course

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