Online Course Creative Process in Fashion Design

Online Course - 6 weeks

  • School: Fashion

  • School: Fashion
  • Start date: 17 October 2022
  • Language : English

    Online Course Creative Process in Fashion Design

    Introduction to the Creative Process in Fashion Design. You will learn how to display your creativity, project your collection and communicate your brand image with the IED methodology and the masterclasses of prestigious professionals.

    IED Testimonials

    Prestigious designers who have studied at the IED will tell you how they interpret and put into practice the creative process.

    Moisés Nieto has been awarded the National Fashion Prize in 2017 with the title of "New Talent". He graduated in 2010 from the IED Madrid, and his thesis became his first collection for the brand of the same name, founded in 2011. With it, he travelled to Milan where he was awarded the prize for Best Women's Fashion Designer at My Own Show awards by Vogue Italy.

    Course description

    Each fashion designer follows a series of steps in their creative process that serve to develop an idea, shape it and turn it into a product or a service that responds to the needs of the user and that is successful in the market.

    It is a personal process but it starts from a structured methodological basis that IED certifies as the key to success for designers. This design methodology is currently adapted to digital formats for collaborative work, making the online environment the new space for creativity and innovation.


    Who is it for?

    The course is aimed at all those who have a vocation for the creative disciplines but have never been able to go deeper into their methodology, their secrets and their tools. It is also for all those who want to explore the lands of creativity, understand them and discover in them a possible professional development towards creative companies or creative profiles that are increasingly in demand in the labour market.

    • For those who are passionate about the world of fashion and the world of creativity
    • For those who are interested in knowing how the creative processes are developed in the Fashion Industry
    • For those who are interested in redirecting their professional career towards creative disciplines
    • For those who are interested in improving their knowledge of disruptive thinking methods


    • To understand the creative process in Fashion Design.
    • Discover how great designers create and develop their creative proposals.
    • Learn the steps to get inspired, generate ideas, build them and communicate them
    • Apply a method that allows creative talent to be strengthened and deployed

    Course program

    The course is divided into 6 weekly modules that the student discovers gradually guided by the teachers and tutors of the course.

    The 6 modules of the creative process are:

    1. Context: Evolution, characteristics, analysis and current strategies in the Fashion Sector.
    2. Trends: Origin, background, and analysis of trends to decode them, and how to use them in the creative process.
    3. Inspiration and Ideation: References in the creative process. Difference between references and inspiration images, visual literacy method, selection and classification. The concept map.
    4. Creation: Phases and characteristics of a fashion collection, strategies for approaching the research phase and transforming it into the starting point of your personal idea.
    5. Project and Prototype: The concreteness of the project and the prototyping process.
    6. Communication: Processes to identify the most effective communication strategies to transmit the qualities and differential values of the proposal.


    Our teachers are active professionals with a long experience working with the IED. They are familiar with our methodology and will complement the course content with synchronous classes, mentoring sessions, participation in forums, reviews and feedback on the activities.

    The course is led by a coordinator, Federico Antelo, who also teaches the subjects of: Trends / Inspiration and Ideation.

    Federico Antelo

    With a focus on the handmade printing process, Federico Antelo runs a textile laboratory and studio, while complementing his pictorial work, since he creates new aesthetic possibilities derived from the use of techniques exclusive to the textile world, with the aim of providing opportunities for exploration, dialogue and fusion between art and design.


    Collaborating in this course:

    Marta Niñerola Torres

    Multidisciplinary creative, teacher and artist

    Teacher of: Creation / Project and Prototype

    Iván Moya Denia

    Fashion Branding ConsultantFreelance.

    Teacher of: Context / Comunication

    Campus IED Forward

    Course file

    Online Course Creative Process in Fashion Design

    • Type of course : Online Course
    • Language : English
    • School: Fashion
    • Start date: 17 October 2022
    • Duration: 6 weeks
    • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening
    • Attendance: e-Learning
    • Qualification: Private
    • Enrollment rate: 660 €

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