IED Diploma in Craft and Design

IED Diploma - 3 years

  • School: Design
  • IED Credits: 180

This course combines techniques of traditional crafts with contemporary design and new technologies.

  • School: Design
  • IED Credits: 180
  • Start date: 07 October 2022
  • Language : English

    IED Diploma in Craft and Design

    The Diploma in Craft and Design aims to develop the creativity for generating new proposals for decorative objects, accessories, jewellery, textiles, furniture; as well as the renewed recognition of artisan work that is gaining strength and prominence in fashion and decoration firms in the luxury sector, thus creating new languages.

    This training programme allows students to experiment with the material - metal, wood, fibres, ceramics, fabrics, etc. Students build on the techniques and culture of the Spanish artisan tradition, are trained in IED design process, and learn to produce with digital technology for self-production - laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC milling - to create new emotional experiences in line with the contemporary mood.

    Course file

    IED Diploma in Craft and Design

    • Type of course : IED Diploma
    • Language : English
    • School: Design
    • IED Credits: 180
    • Start date: 07 October 2022
    • Duration: 3 years
    • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening
    • Attendance: Blended
    • Qualification: Private
    • Enrollment rate: 2500 €
    • Course Fee: 9400 €
    • Course Fee (non UE residents): 10700 €


    This diploma aims to redefine the relationship between Crafts and Design by learning to look from a contemporary perspective and by adding the innovation and opportunity offered by new technologies to the value of tradition.

    The programme trains students in numerous materials and techniques of artisanal production, which enhance local culture and heritage together with digital prototyping techniques, to experiment and innovate, combining the manual and the digital.




    This diploma is a proposal for methodological innovation in which the traditional subject-based structure is replaced by learning based on experimentation and the student’s curiosity.

    A methodology that encourages creativity on the basis of the proposal of challenges and questions on which the student builds their own journey and identity, in which the teacher is a facilitator of the learning process and the student learns by experimenting, creating and building.

    Students will take advantage of the resources offered to them and they will be monitored on the basis of peer assessment.


    Study areas


    The Diploma in Design and High Craftsmanship is structured into four major blocks:

    • 2 main blocks, focused on the specific and unique learning of this programme:

    Experimental laboratory
    Entrepreneurship project

    • 2 cross-cutting blocks, focused on the learning of essential design tools:

    Digital space
    Arts space

    The experimental laboratory and the Arts and Digital spaces take place during the first two years of the programme. The Entrepreneurship project takes place in the third year. Students also work on developing soft skills.


    Professional Opportunities

    The programme prepares students to:

    • Collaborate with luxury sector firms as a designer.
    • Be a creative director of a brand.
    • Launch their own original design firm.
    • Develop their professional life as designers of new languages.
    • Be ambassadors of contemporary high-end crafts.
    • Collaborate with departments for the preservation of cultural artefacts
    • Collaborate with public and private institutions linked to cultural heritage
    • Be part of the sustainability and new products department in companies in the sector
    • Research

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