Blended Master in Digital Design Applied to Fashion

Blended Master - 11 months

  • School: Fashion
  • IED Credits: 60

  • School: Fashion
  • IED Credits: 60
  • Start date: January 2023
  • Language : Español

    Blended Master in Digital Design Applied to Fashion

    The Master in Digital Design Applied to Fashion covers 3D and augmented reality, creating fully digital immersive worlds. Today's technology tools offer a variety of possibilities that the design world is making use of in order to create new ways to communicate.

    The fashion world is not far behind in the unstoppable digital transformation that society is undergoing. Digital clothing and virtual models and runways open a universe of creative possibilities for experimentation with consumers.

    By incorporating technology, the fashion world has undergone a paradigm shift over recent years which opens new doors for designers that allow them to experiment, visualise and create new worlds, making them become reality, differentiating their product, but also the experience offered to customers.

    When the physical gives way and a transition to digital begins, you are able to innovate at levels you could not in real life. Fashion designers and digital creators are now converging in digital development, 3D modelling and creating experiences that blur the boundaries between the physical and the virtual.

    Course file

    Blended Master in Digital Design Applied to Fashion

    • Type of course : Blended Master
    • Language : Español
    • School: Fashion
    • IED Credits: 60
    • Start date: January 2023
    • Duration: 11 months
    • Timetable : Afternoon-Evening Online module: from 20 January to 14 April 2022. Face-to-face module: from 25 April to 22 July 2022. Online module: from 13 September to 15 December 2022. On-site classes: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.
    • Attendance: Blended
    • Qualification: Private
    • Directed to : Diseñadores de Moda: profesionales del sector de la moda que buscan especializarse en el sector de la moda digital. / Creadores Digitales: profesionales del sector de la creación digital, modelado 3D o tecnología que buscan introducirse en el sector de la moda digital.
    • Enrollment rate: 2500 €
    • Course Fee: 9700 €

    Digital Tools

    Digital fashion design

    - CLO 3D. 3D software for designing garments based on interactive patterns. The garments created fit the avatar used as a model. It allows patterns to be exported for their physical production.

    - Marvelous Designer. 3D garment design software with hyper-realistic movement simulation. The garments created fit the avatar used as a model. It allows granular control over the behaviour and shape of the final product.


    Creation of digital materials

    - Adobe Substance. Software for creating 3D materials, it has a library of preset parametric materials to work on. This software can be used to create materials both for the garments in the collection and the components of the runway environment.


    Avatar design and animation

    - Daz3D and Daz Studio. Daz3D is a 3D media library specialised in offering human figures with a rigged skeleton. Its human models are based on Genesis 8, a technology which they themselves created that allows full configuration of the person’s appearance (height, build, facial expression or details such as nails or teeth). Daz Studio is the software used to personalise said avatar.

    - Mixamo. This is a library of human animations captured with Motion Capture to ensure their realism. It contains over 605 preset animations that can be modified with a series of parameters set in the library or manually in editing software such as Blender.


    Designing virtual environments

    - Blender and/or Cinema4D. 3D graphics software that can be used for designing and creating a physical environment, among other things. These environments can be textured, as mentioned above, using Adobe Substance. Blender also allows movement and animation of skeletons to be captured using depth sensors or 3D cameras. These animations can be recorded for later use with the designed avatar.


    Interface design and user experience

    - Blender and/or Cinema4D. Production of high-quality renders (images or videos).

    - Unity and/or UnrealEngine. Production of high-quality real-time interactive platforms.

    - Spark AR. Production of augmented reality filters for Instagram and Facebook.


    Programme Leaders


    HYPER STUDIO is a creative studio focused on the design of interactive experiences to relate the physical and the virtual. They research the relationship between individuals and their technological environment, either by moving the cursor on a screen or the body in a space. The studio was founded in 2016 by Cristóbal Baños – designer and developer – and Diego Iglesias – architect and cultural manager. They develop interactive spaces, dynamic identities, web platforms, digital strategies, informational architectures and curation of digital art and many other things.

    They have developed projects for public and private institutions, such as the Ministry of Culture of Spain, the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, the Medialab-Prado Cultural Center in Madrid, the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, and for international brands, such as Iberia, Swatch and Sony Music. They have collaborated with architects and designers, such as Kresta Design, Moneo Brock and Studio Práctica; and with artists and curators, such as Cristina Iglesias, Alberto de Juan, Elba Benítez, Marlon de Azambuja, Claudia Maté and Filip Custic.


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