Master of Experimental Design Driven

Master of Design and Innovation - 11 meses

  • Escuela: IED Design
  • Créditos IED: 60

  • Escuela: IED Design
  • Créditos IED: 60
  • Fecha Inicio: Enero 2023
  • Idioma: English

    Master of Experimental Design Driven

    The Master in Experimental Design Driven prepares professionals from different fields in experimentation and innovation from design, covering it from a transdisciplinary perspective following think tank methodologies.

    It teaches to understand design as a trigger for change, and experimentation as a pillar in the future of professions and society, applied to business, government and industry.

    It focuses on the search for solutions from many perspectives that provide guided ideas, working by projects and case studies.

    Ficha del curso

    Master of Experimental Design Driven

    • Tipo de curso: Master of Design and Innovation
    • Idioma: English
    • Escuela: IED Design
    • Créditos IED: 60
    • Fecha Inicio: Enero 2023
    • Duración: 11 meses
    • Horario: Mañana y tarde
    • Asistencia: Presencial
    • Titulación: Privado Upon completing the course, an accredited private diploma will be presented to students for the successful and satisfactory completion of the course.
    • Dirigido a: Professionals working in the design environment, who come from this field by training or professional experience.
    • Proceso de admisión: To access this program, students will be selected based on: Updated curriculum vitae - Graduate - Master's degree and your portfolio (if you have one) will be valued. A C1 level of English is required.
    • Tasa de matrícula: 4000 €
    • Tasa del curso: 20700 €


    The current panorama calls for products, services and business ideas that are consistent with the changes taking place and the new needs of our time. Since the global economic crisis of 2007 many concepts are transforming the world of for-profit and non-profit organizations. The Collaborative Economy, the Circular Economy, Triple Bottom Line, Open Innovation, Big Data, Service Design, Design Thinking, User Experience, etc. are all concepts that are attracting great interest in the business world, offering a great opportunity for professionals who are able to understand them and integrate them in organizations. The success of companies will depend on how they respond to this demand and how they integrate changes in their processes, products and services.

    Our vision is to promote a professional and entrepreneurial profile with a differential value defined by the ability to ideate, prototype, implement and develop innovation through design in the most competitive companies, anywhere in the world.

    The programme has been designed to provide access to all the fundamentals of research and the strategic process, including market and consumer research, data analysis and design thinking. In terms of the creative process, the courses will provide the necessary elements for inspiration, a multidisciplinary approach and the generation and development of ideas. On the executional side, it will promote the capacity of prototyping ideas to showcase their potential.

    Overall, the programme has been designed to build a truly collaborative spirit between students, and offers a good mix of theoretical and practical sessions. Real challenges and real solutions are at the centre of the entire course. The objective is to create a tight connection with the real world, stimulate the critical debate and sharing and promoting an in-depth understanding of the best practices.

    This programme enables students to develop their work in a cross-curricular way, in multidisciplinary environments, leading successful projects.


    General skills covered by the Master in Experimental Design

    These areas are the expected outcomes of the teaching/ learning process; they all contemplate basic common elements integrating the different abilities and knowledge.

    Therefore, they should be measurable: what a student knows or can demonstrate at the end of the learning process, is always linked to the development of an activity or task that must imply a certain degree of autonomy.

    The aim of this master is mainly summarized in the following aspects

    • Trains agents capable of leading changes.
    • Mindset for Innovative Thinking.
    • Learn how to coordinate and work in teams.
    • Problem solving
    • Gain entrepreneurial skills to work through real world problems.
    • Be able to identify, ideate, and materialize an idea.
    • Propose innovative solutions to problems in a range of spheres of action.

    General Objectives

    The Master is a study, work and research programme that is methodologically based on project culture and learning by doing. It enables students to launch projects by developing creative and innovative ideas for businesses from a holistic perspective, working with people, ideas, organizations and territories.

    We aim to educate professionals from different areas in design experimentation and innovation, approaching it from a transdisciplinary perspective using think tank methodologies.

    The goal is to provide advanced skills in understanding design as a driver of change, and experimentation as a pillar in the future of professions and society, applying it to business, government, industry and politics.

    The fundamental key of this discipline is the idea that creativity x innovation = innovative organizations. Design exists within each of the elements in this formula, as it provides uniqueness and shapes all the work produced during the course.



    The Master in Experimental Design Driven offers a methodology applied to the specific educational content of each programme and a multidisciplinary element that is shared by all disciplines.

    The methodology is based on Think Tanks: working groups (think tanks are initiatives or groups of experts of a research nature, whose function is the intellectual discussion on social, political, economic, military, technological or cultural issues), not providing a technical support but the way to think and address specific solutions from a multifaceted prism of knowledge and wisdom.

    The search for ideas and solutions will be carried out from multiple perspectives, working by practical cases and not focusing on disciplines but in the search for solutions with a theoretical framework as support, the tools of thought.

    Problem search methodology, looking for radical changes in the design system. Cooperation, collaboration, knowledge and community.

    • Learning by doing
    • Project based learning process / Real framework
    • Teamwork / multidisciplinary
    • Explore yourself / Explore the context
    • Systems approach
    • Co-creation
    • DIWO

    Professional Opportunities

    • Cooperatives
    • Change Makers
    • Consultoring
    • Uncertain Surfers
    • B2G
    • Design Driven Development
    • Design Driven Innovation
    • Design Driven Companies
    • Design Driven Tech

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