Diploma in Fine Arts

Diploma IED - 3 años

  • Escuela: IED Visual Communication
  • Créditos IED: 180

  • Escuela: IED Visual Communication
  • Créditos IED: 180
  • Fecha Inicio: Octubre 2022
  • Idioma: English

    Diploma in Fine Arts

    The IED Diploma in Fine Arts turns the student into an artist 3.0 and 360º, with training based on developing projects in diverse areas of plastic and visual arts. The hybridisation between disciplines has been introduced into a training programme that offers an academic perspective, but one which is connected to the context of today's professional world, formats, media, and what is to come.

    And all of this in a creative and stimulating space that is connected to the most cutting-edge art and design. A programme for experimenting with technology and every material. Students will work with techniques and concepts that range from 3D sculpture, video creation, installation design, expanded painting, body and space and contemporary drawing.

    Ficha del curso

    Diploma in Fine Arts

    • Tipo de curso: Diploma IED
    • Idioma: English
    • Escuela: IED Visual Communication
    • Créditos IED: 180
    • Fecha Inicio: Octubre 2022
    • Duración: 3 años
    • Horario: Mañana y tarde
    • Asistencia: Presencial
    • Titulación: Privado
    • Tasa de matrícula: 2500 €
    • Tasa del curso: 11600 €
    • Tasa del curso (no residentes UE): 12100 €


    Students will develop their own language, the voice of an author, a personal vision following a methodology that links creating to thinking. For this purpose, the programme links the past with the present and future of Fine Arts and creativity with the professional world.


    The IED Diploma in Fine Arts turns the student into an 360º artist, with training based on developing projects in diverse areas of contemporary creation. The hybridisation between disciplines has been introduced in a training programme that offers an academic perspective, but one which is connected to the context of today's professional world, languages, media etc.

    IED Madrid Diploma in Fine Arts turns the student into an interdisciplinary artist able to evolve together with the changes in fine arts.

    Fine Arts students at IED Madrid continuously question everything that surrounds them, exploring and calling into question the established perspectives. The programme covers from traditional disciplines up to new forms of art, providing a more extensive vision of the different techniques of artistic expression.

    The curriculum is developed to promote diversity and wide-ranging research in contemporary art, always in connection with discipline such as Science, the Humanities and Technology. Through the knowledge of techniques, methodologies and materials, students will develop capacities that will turn them into transdisciplinary artists with highly developed research capacity, exploration skills and critical thinking.

    Training Areas


    Gaining in-depth knowledge of the different artistic languages (painting, sculpture, contemporary drawing, video creation, performance and new media) as well as media, understanding the possibilities of materials and technologies applied to artistic creation.


    Studying the different methodologies of research in and through art. Analysing the history of art as part of the history of our societies. Gaining in-depth knowledge of the theory of art in order to provide a solid discourse to the artist.


    Providing specific tools for the artist’s professionalisation: organisation of the work, presentation of the professional history, as well as management and dissemination of the artistic production.

    Professional Opportunities

    At IED Madrid students are taught with a multidisciplinary focus which is essential for their professional development and prepares them to stand out in today’s increasingly complex professional world:

    • Expert in Fine Arts
    • Artist
    • Artist for cinema and TV
    • Museums
    • Art galleries
    • Teacher
    • Internet artist/video artist


    Profesores y colaboradores

    The teaching team of the Diploma in Fine Arts at IED Madrid is assessed as one of the best teaching teams in Fine Arts:

    85% of them have been winners of the best award for emerging artists in Spain: Generaciones.
    50% have won the ARCO Young Talents award.
    The vast majority hold a PhD, MFA from prestigious international universities.
    They are all represented in prestigious galleries in Spain.
    They have exhibited at the Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy), Serpentine Gallery (London, UK), Museum St. Petersburg (Malaga, Spain), ICA (London, UK), CA2M (Madrid, Spain), among others.

    Blanca Gracia
    Drawing. Born in 1989 in Madrid, she holds a BFA from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and finished her studies in the University of New Mexico (USA). His artistic work draws on multiple disciplines ranging from drawing to video, including installations and the performing arts. She also partners with other artists to produce sound, choreographies or costumes, allowing her to broaden her projects towards multidisciplinary and collaborative formats.


    Carlos Fernández-Pello
    Sculpture. Carlos Fernandez-Pello is an artist, curator and lecturer. As a researcher he has worked extensively for the Complutense University of Madrid, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Study Centre of the Reina Sofía Museum (MNCARS). His lines of research revolve around the epistemological crisis between academic and artistic knowledge and treating them as malleable forms. 


    José Díaz
    Painting. José Díaz  has a BFA from the Complutense University of Madrid. In 2009 he studied a Master’s Degree in Art and Creation at the Complutense University. In 2020 he won the Arco Comunidad de Madrid Award for young artists. He develops his artistic activity through painting. Painting understood as a research process and as a way of doing, especially linked to the affective processes.

    Elena Juárez
    New Media. Elena Juarez is a visual and new media artist based in Madrid. She develops visuals, interactive and generative real-time graphics and interactive multimedia installations in collaboration with other artists and cultural institutions. Her practice is aimed at a special motivation in "lighting dark spaces", which is why her work is linked mainly to the performing arts and electronic music producers. 


    Leonor Serrano Rivas
    Performance. Leonor Serrano Rivas received a Botin Foundation International Visual Arts Grant in 2016; ARCO 2016 Young Artist Award by Solán de Cabras; the New Contemporaries ICA London; Tokyo Arts and Space Residency; Arts Council of England Grants for the Arts and, more recently, BBVA Multiverso Grant for videoart production (2020).  


    Diego Delas
    Art Installation. As architect, artist and researcher, his work revolves around studio practice and manufacturing, with regard to reconstruction, repetition and reinterpretation of a pre-modern culture in regression. Delas studied Architecture and Fine Arts in Madrid before moving to London to obtain an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art and a PhD at the Ruskin College of Art, University of Oxford.

    IED Visual LABS


    The objective of doing an internship in all the courses offered at IED Madrid is to prepare students for the job market. Before starting, students will be given guidance and advice on the Undergraduate Degrees in Design, Higher Level Training Cycles, IED Diplomas, Master’s Degrees, Blended Master’s Degrees, Masters of Design and Innovation, Postgraduate Courses and alumni.

    This will also help companies select the professional profiles of our talents in all areas of design, communication and marketing. The services offered by IED include One to One sessions, meetings and/or events with companies and workshops to learn about how to use digital tools to perform a better job search.

    Career guidance talks are also organised with an external lawyer in order to offer more specific information to foreign students.


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