Diploma in Fashion Business

Diploma IED - 3 años

  • Escuela: IED Moda Lab
  • Créditos IED: 180

  • Escuela: IED Moda Lab
  • Créditos IED: 180
  • Fecha Inicio: Octubre 2022
  • Idioma: English

    Diploma in Fashion Business

    The IED Diploma in Fashion Business aims to provide students with the necessary tools to effectively manage a company in the textile and fashion sector.

    Students will complete their studies with a dual profile in which, on the one hand, they will have in-depth knowledge of the design and production processes of the fashion industry and, on the other hand, they will obtain knowledge and skills to manage and administer fashion companies.

    Ficha del curso

    Diploma in Fashion Business

    • Tipo de curso: Diploma IED
    • Idioma: English
    • Escuela: IED Moda Lab
    • Créditos IED: 180
    • Fecha Inicio: Octubre 2022
    • Duración: 3 años
    • Horario: Mañana y tarde
    • Asistencia: Mixto
    • Tasa de matrícula: 2500 €
    • Tasa del curso: 11600 €
    • Tasa del curso (no residentes UE): 12100 €



    Students will learn about the economic, legal and organisational framework governing companies in the fashion industry, learning to analyse and manage a company with the needs of today and to apply the necessary digital tools (e-business, e-commerce, etc.).

    This programme provides students with the creative capacity necessary to innovate in management and resources and to lead any business change.

    Students will also work with a teaching team made up of leading professionals from the fashion industry, who pass on both theoretical and specific technical knowledge.

    The balance between the creative and the business mentality enables students to influence companies’ supply chain and the product life-cycle with responsibility and sensitivity towards demand from consumers and from the market itself.


    Training Areas

    Fashion design and production

    Gaining in-depth knowledge of the structure of a fashion company and knowing how its objectives are set and how the strategic decisions of each one of its different areas are applied.

    System and culture of design

    Providing the tools necessary for students to be able to create their own designs, adapting to the changes raised by the current fashion system.

    Management and administration

    Understanding how the control of a company is managed and how all the legal, administrative and financial operations are carried out.

    Marketing and communication

    Gaining in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and fashion communication strategies and understanding how strategies for merging different sectors, channels and consumers are created.

    Professional Opportunities

    At IED Fashion Madrid students are taught with a multidisciplinary focus which is essential for their professional development and prepares them to stand out in today’s increasingly complex professional world.

    • Development and production manager
    • Product Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Communication
    • Quality control
    • Brand creator
    • Head of design
    • Consultant in fashion company organisation and management
    • Expert in branding
    • Fashion business development



    The objective of doing an internship in all the courses offered at IED Madrid is to prepare students for the job market. Before starting, students will be given guidance and advice on the Undergraduate Degrees in Design, Higher Level Training Cycles, IED Diplomas, Master’s Degrees, Blended Master’s Degrees, Masters of Design and Innovation, Postgraduate Courses and alumni.

    This will also help companies select the professional profiles of our talents in all areas of design, communication and marketing. The services offered by IED include One to One sessions, meetings and/or events with companies and workshops to learn about how to use digital tools to perform a better job search.

    Career guidance talks are also organised with an external lawyer in order to offer more specific information to foreign students.

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