“Where gastronomy is transformed by other disciplines” 

A new kind of 360° chefs to be formed in a creative environment where they can experiment, learn and prototype. A space where they will interact with professionals of all disciplines. A unique international experience between design, gastronomy and other amplifying professions. We aspire to discover new creative tools to develop innovative business models within the gastronomical industry.

Creating new tools of experimentation for gastronomy projects

  • A new kind of a 360º CHEF​
  • An environment to learn, prototype & experiment​
  • A place to interact with professionals​ of all disciplines
  • A unique international experience​ between design, gastronomy and other amplifying professions

We aspire to discover new creative tools to develop innovative business models within the gastronomical industry.


What are we going to produce?

  • Unique gastronomical projects, ​testing and validation of their business model
  • A space for new creative ​culinary experiences
  • A public library specialized ​on future gastronomy
  • Build connections​ between ​chefs, designers, creatives, professionals and mentors from all over the world. Along with institutions, companies and investors


What are you going to learn?

  • Through the use of design as a language and by combining the capabilities, experience and reach of IED, Diego Guerrero and different collaborators, we seek to create a unique method that will serve as a tool for the development of new projects within the gastronomic industry
  • It’s a project-based learning program​ where we create, test and validate real projects with the audience as a real evaluator
  • You will have access to IEDs technological labs (FabLab, MediaLab, VRLab, GreenLab, BusinessLab and CityLab) having access to 3D printers, laser cut, CNC, audiovisual production, virtual reality etc, to develop your project
  • A transdisciplinary project integrating gastronomical and design knowledge


Team and Community

We work collaboratively, within interdisciplinary, multicultural and international teams of professionals, students, IED’s Staff and companies on design projects, helping define strategy, designing, coding and implementing products.

IED’s Innovation Lab it’s a unique and different community of people, integrated by students, former students, teachers, professionals and companies, working together in a different environment with the desire to imagine and make things together.

The 6 young chefs selected to become part of this program will have exclusive access to IEDs team and community, surrounding themselves with experts to develop their projects. 


Who is intended for?

Graduate and postgraduate chefs with an experimental project already outlined.

What are we offering?

  • 6 full scholarships​.
  • Increase your professional development by working in a real project.
  • The opportunity to have fun, learn and enhance your network at the same time.
  • The chance to work with some of the most creative minds in the world.

Dates and Admission Process


January 2018 – December 2018

Admission process:

Our committee will select the most promising talents from selected universities


  • Graduated from a gastronomy program with with at least one professional experience (within the gastronomical industry) and with an experimental project already outlined
  • Apostilled academic qualifications
  • Sufficient financial resources to cover additional living expenses during the course (€ 532 per month, over 12 months period)
  • Certificate of not having a criminal record in Spain and in the country of origin
  • Medical certificate: Not suffering any illness enlisted in the international health regulations of 2005

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