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01 Welcome to IED

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1 Welcome Letter from the Director of IED Madrid


Welcome from Director of IED Madrid


As a foreigner, I am often asked, “What’s Madrid like?” It is difficult for me to describe Madrid’s magnitude with words because it is such an impressive city.

Madrid is inspiring in its every corner; in its contrasts and its diversity. Its streets combine the most modern trends with ancient traditions. The oldest and the newest coexist, giving rise to unique scenarios which nurture creativity. It is a restless city, one in which citizens have access to an endless cultural offer, wherever they are. Because of this, the city has traditionally attracted the most creative minds. For centuries, its streets have been home to geniuses like Goya, Cervantes, Velázquez, Buñuel, Dalí, Picasso, García Lorca…

IED Madrid forms part of this wonderful place, which brings together the greatest concentration of creative industries in Spain. A school which has spent more than 20 years training the best designers, inspired by the idiosyncrasy of this city, its openness to the world, its modernity and traditions.

A school which maintains its Italian origins, but which has taken on the features of Madrid’s personality; warm, inclusive, innovative… A meeting point for hundreds of cultures, languages and nationalities and a space for exchange.
A “Babylon” within the city’s larger “Babylon”. A key player in the city’s cultural life. The place from which a new generation of designers emerges each year, prepared to make the world a better place, advocating the role of design as a tool for change.

Welcome to this city. To this Madrid, a stage during which life does not follow a script; the ideal location for creatives, because in Madrid it is possible to live a thousand lives. Would you like to start a new one with us?

Welcome to IED Madrid.

Giusi Lara

"There are cities in which to live, and cities to be lived, and Madrid is one of the latter."

2 Hello Madrid!

Innovative, creative, multicultural, safe, colorful and tolerant, the Spanish capital, with a population of more than 3 million, stands out for its international vibe, the kindness of its people and its open-mindedness. Its blue sky, charming sunsets, pleasant climate and sunny weather make it the ideal destination to think, innovate and create. Also, it offers many opportunities to admire and enjoy its many monuments, museums and cultural spaces. Art, music, design, performing arts and gastronomy fill the city with events throughout the year. Madrid never sleeps. It's frantic and fun.

You will always find something going on that fits your tastes and every day you can immerse yourself in a new experience. Lose yourself in its streets. Fall in love with its architecture. Let yourself be inspired by this cosmopolitan city that creates cutting edge trends. This is where the IED decided to open its first headquarters in Spain, in the beating heart of the city, and it now has three working spaces in the neighborhoods most recognized for innovation, design and architecture.

Madrid, The Place to Be

Discover what it's like to be an IED Madrid international student in this video interview with the Indian student Trividha Karnati.

3 Our campuses


IED Madrid has three campuses in the neighborhoods with vibrant cultural life. Two centers (IED Madrid & IED Master Madrid) dedicated to the teaching and training, in addition to the innovation lab (Fab Lab) in which collaboration projects with companies are developed to find new solutions through design.

4 How to arrive?


IED Madrid (Altamira Palace)
Calle de Flor Alta 8, 28004 Madrid

Lines 2: Santo Domingo.
Lines 3 y 5: Callao.
Lines 3 y 10: Plaza de España.

Bus: Lines 1, 2, 44, 46, 74, 75, 133, 147, 148 & 202.

IED Innovation Lab
Av. de Pedro Diez, 3, 28019 Madrid

Lines 5 & 6: Oporto.

Bus: Line 35