IED Design District Carabanchel

Because going to the most creative Madrid does not mean only staying in the city centre. In the second edition of Design District we invite you to explore the district of Carabanchel, a recent destination for recognised fashion and product designers, creative communities and art studios. And yes, this really is exploring: because its reputation as a traditional neighbourhood has eclipsed the subtle transformation that has been taking place in its street for a number of years now and because the process of change is still ongoing.

Residents have seen how old industrial print works and textile workshops have been transformed into recording and painting studios, incubators of innovative projects and, above all, into workshops and workplaces in which the creative juices can flow to both make and produce. IED Innovation Lab, a new space opened by IED Madrid that includes different laboratories, has landed in the Oporto district inspired this spirit of create and make. Newcomers, amateurs and experts in new technologies, design, art and creativity, we invite you to join us in a tour of 21 strategic spaces, 21 obligatory stops in this district.

Welcome to IED Design District: Carabanchel.


Avda. Pedro Díez, 3

A space that encourages dialogue between design and the technologies, businesses, services and environmental issues holed up in different laboratories: Fab Lab, VR Lab, MediaLab, Business Lab, City Lab and Green Lab. A design playground where professional projects are complemented by the research and training programmes linked to the labs.



Avda. Pedro Diez, 21 BIS.1º

The workspace of the duo formed by artists Julia Fuentesal and Pablo M. Arenillas. In their projects they analyse the method of play for establishing links with one another using drawing, sculpture, installation or the most compatible medium, employing materials within their reach, namely those all around them depending on the place they happen to find themselves.


Avda. Pedro Díez, 25. 2º derecha

Since 2013 this old textile mill has been home to nine artists’ studios. A mixture of disciplines and profiles who have built a space in which one can sense an atmosphere of welcoming community.


Avda. Pedro Díez, 25

A transversal space that combines the letting of workshops for the performance of artistic and craft-based activities and a full training programme that includes seminars given by international artists, events, exhibitions and informal talks.



Avda. Pedro Díez, 25. 1º derecha

Mala Fama Estudios is located in a former industrial print works that has been reconverted into the workplace of seven contemporary artists. There is also a communal space where they put on all kinds of multidisciplinary cultural events.


Avda. Pedro Díez, 30. 2ª 

Within the perimeter of a table the search is on for the perfect balance between the food and its context. Colour, light, concept, ingredients, brand, taste… Each element forms part of a whole with which the intention is to communicate.


Avda. Pedro Díez, 38. 2º A

A workshop specialized in the design and construction of tailor-made bikes. This space is also used to give courses on bicycle design, construction and mechanics for all two-wheel aficionados as well as to provide consultancy services for companies.


C/ Nicolás Morales, 38

Hola Por Qué started out in small premises in the Malasaña district of the city, where it oscillated between graphic and fashion design. That was before it moved to this workshop where, as well as continuing to do screen printing, the company gives courses on textile design and printing.


C/ Nicolás Morales, 38-40. 2º 7

This is a studio dedicated to the design and edition of original objects and one-off pieces that provoke sensations and leave nobody indifferent. The finest materials and finishes are chosen to achieve pieces of the highest quality.



C/ Nicolas Morales, 11

A covered space designed to be used and enjoyed by the skateboarding fraternity. The 50 Project bowl also serves for giving classes in this discipline and for the holding of championships.



C/ Algorta, 25

A group of designers, architects and musicians work shoulder-to-shoulder in this co-working space that includes a hanging garden and within which its occupants organise gastronomic encounters.



C/ Algorta, 25. 4º

Familiar thanks to the hackathons and projects that they have been organising here since November 2016, this community of creatives with close links to innovation, design and technology are also managing a large team of people and collectives who are working towards achieving a social transformation in the city..


C/ Santiago Estevez, 26 Casa

Casa Banchel is a centre of reflection, of creation, of action. From here diverse project types are defined, developed and promoted, be they in-house or implemented in collaboration with other entities or people. One thing they must do is stimulate social interaction, creativity and different forms of expression. Casa Banchel is yes-to-all.


C/ Urgel, 3

Among the pioneering proposals to be set up in Carabanchel, this space, which was founded in 2014 by five creatives, painter and sculptress Isabel Alonso Vega, sculptresses Elena and Isabel Pan de Soraluce, designer Laura Ponte and restorer Verónica Hernanz, stands out from the crowd. An alternative place to work on, exhibit and disseminate art.


C/ Peñafiel, 5

This young designer decided to abandon the classic fashion circuit based in the centre of the capital and move his operation to the run down district of Urgel, which he did in 2016. From there he has continued to create the collections that have made him one of Spain’s most recognised designers.


C/ Invencibles, 8. Local

This research team made up of designers, programmers and digital artists uses the very latest technologies resources the digital and artistic world has to offer. Its aim is to achieve a sophisticated dialogue between light, space and time in order to make the best possible use of the space available and create an identity using lighting.


Avda. del Manzanares, 84. Local 10

Dissidence and transgression are characteristic features of the creations of Jorge Penadés, ex student of IED Madrid. During his short career he has already exhibited in places such as the Vitra Design Museum and the National Museum of Design in Stockholm, and he is the creator of Structural Skin, a new material developed from the leftovers of the leather industry.


C/ Conde de Vistahermosa, 5. 1ºD

From his workshop this industrial designer both makes and sells his specialised and internationally recognised lighting and furniture designs. His products are the result of a fusion between the warm expressiveness of the arts and crafts movement and the cold precision of industrial design.  


C/ San Graciano, 5

A Madrid-based website development and graphic design studio focused on user experience and the development of mobile and online applications. Creatives Luis Belda and Ricardo Ramos blend the latest technology and design to achieve an optimal result.



C/ Belmonte de Tajo, 55. 4º C

With offices in Madrid and Brussels, this agency offers global communication services that include marketing, advertising, visual merchandising, creative management and video. At the same time they are the founders, designers and producers of the eyewear brand Nina Mûr eyewear.



C/ Pedro Campos, 5

Miguel Espada, Juan Santa-Cruz and Nerea Goikoetxea work in the field of new media, in which they rely on experimentation to create interactive visual projects and new narratives. This is a hybrid studio that applies its artistic side to sectors such as brand communication and advertising..

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