IN-SONORA 10. Audiovisual cutting-edge in a present glued to the screen

7/03/2018 a 22/03/2018 - IED Madrid

IED Madrid hosts this exhibition comprising a video installation and two sound installations. In addition, the International Interactive Art and Sound Exhibition has a visual and sound identity expressly designed by the students of the Higher Qualification in Graphic Design.

IN-SONORA celebrates a decade of existence with a schedule that pays homage to its past and opens up new paths for experimentation in exhibitions, projections, concerts, performances, workshops and conferences. From 7 to 22 March, IED Madrid, one of the official venues of this unmissable event for addicts of cutting-edge sound, hosts an exhibition that reflects the spirit of this edition: a video installation and two interactive sound installations to look squarely at a future dominated by screens, while maintaining a link with the past sound scene.

  • Youth Cloud. Video installation
    The visual artist Mit Borrás reinterprets an advert for Apple products to talk about the techie sporting life, the response to an injured society that understands the development of its daily routine from the comfortable, the accessible and the good.
  • IDLE. Interactive sound installation
    A fan of new media with a multidisciplinary academic background, Federico Guardabrazo appeals to our reflection with a presented content that addresses the fascination that screens generate in current society.
  • Mail Box. Sound Installation
    Tribute by the Axolotl collective to the American composer Alvin Lucier and his interactive piece Music on a long thin wire, from 1977, which is based on the tension of a wire through resonators in order to offer an intimate listening experience.
    Axolotl is formed by Karla Rodríguez, Santiago Doljanin, Jordi Espuny, Sofía Scheps and Albert Tarrats: a group of people from different academic fields linked together in the context of the Master in Sound Art of the University of Barcelona.


Visual and sound identity

As in previous editions, the visual identity and the communication of IN-SONORA 10 has been designed by students in the 3rd year of the Official Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design. Furthermore, for the first time, they have also created a sound identity. You can enjoy the selected proposals, signed by the students Gabriel García Regües and Irene Sempere, on social networks and on the IN-SONORA website.


IN-SONORA Exhibition 10
7 March at 7.30pm: inaugural performance where the Mail Box interactive sound installation will be heard amplified.
Where: IED Madrid Gabinete de exposiciones. C/Flor Alta, 8
When: From 7 to 22 March | Mon-Fri: 10 AM - 9 PM
Free entry.