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Summer Course in Graphic Design and Creativity

Summer - 3 weeks

The students learn to support and improve the aesthetics and communication efficiency of their personal projects, through the knowledge and skilled use of graphic design tools.

    Summer Course in Graphic Design and Creativity

    The aim of the Graphic Design and Creativity Summer Course is to help students gaining basic knowledge of graphic design that are related to most of the current professional fields.

    The students learn to support and improve the aesthetics and communication efficiency of their personal projects, through the knowledge and skilled use of graphic design tools.

    The course offers a key training to specific and necessary applications to self manage the delivery of a presentation of a work.The students develop a personal or professional project that requires the use of graphic design tools. This involves classes with professionals in the field and the presentation of a final project.

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    1. Acquire the theoretical-practical knowledge necessary for the generation of graphic communication of a project or business idea.
    2. Organize all phases of a design project from concept to development and materialization using the technical tools of the specialty.
    3. Check how the creation and strategic management of quality graphic communication generate opportunities for companies, products or professionals.
    4. Achieve high visibility on the Internet of our projects or business ideas through friendly, functional and aesthetically appealing designs, emphasizing the design of information and web positioning.
    5. Encourage the student to choose the least traveled and most innovative roads.
    6. Use of experimentation as new ways of visual communication.
    7. Reflect on the open debate between what is called "transition from analogue to digital and vice versa" with its advantages and disadvantages of each particular process.



    Koln Studio

    Koln Studio is a graphic design and visual communication studio founded in Madrid by Daniel Fuente and Pablo Mariné. Since its creation in 2014, it has developed its work in different fields –campaigns, visual identity, printed publications, web design, web development and digital design– with the aim of reaching innovative solutions adapted to the needs of each project.
    Its visual language, based on the fusion of styles and the reinterpretation of classic design and  avant-garde, presents recognizable hallmarks: conceptual soundness, transgressive employment of typography and experimental mood. It is precisely this desire for experimentation that articulates his forays into the contemporary art scene through creative projects collaborative and self-produced.

    Course file

    Summer Course in Graphic Design and Creativity

    • Type of course : Summer
    • Language : Español
    • School: Visual Communication
    • Start date: 08 July 2019
    • Duration: 3 weeks
    • Timetable : Afternoon
    • Attendance: in-person
    • Enrollment rate: 700 €
    • Course Fee: 1700 €

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